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The potential risks of nanomaterials: a review carried out for ECETOC
During the last few years, research on toxicologically relevant properties of engineered nanoparticles has increased tremendously. A number of international research projects and additionalExpand
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Penetration profile of microspheres in follicular targeting of terminal hair follicles.
The transfollicular administration of pharmacologically active molecules is of current therapeutic interest, mainly with regard to delivery to specific sites of the hair follicle (HF) and theExpand
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Nanoparticles--an efficient carrier for drug delivery into the hair follicles.
The penetration and storage behavior of dye-containing nanoparticles (diameter 320 nm) into the hair follicles was investigated. The results were compared to the findings obtained with the sameExpand
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Testing Strategies to Establish the Safety of Nanomaterials: Conclusions of an ECETOC Workshop
The European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC) convened a workshop in Barcelona, Spain, in November 2005 to develop testing strategies to establish the safety ofExpand
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The tape stripping procedure--evaluation of some critical parameters.
Tape stripping is a simple and efficient method for the assessment of quality and efficacy of cosmetical and dermatological formulations. After topical application and penetration of formulations,Expand
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Penetration of Titanium Dioxide Microparticles in a Sunscreen Formulation into the Horny Layer and the Follicular Orifice
Coated titanium dioxide (TiO2) microparticles are commonly used as UV filter substances in commercial sunscreen products. The penetration of these microparticles into the horny layer and the orificeExpand
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Follicular transport route--research progress and future perspectives.
The important role of hair follicles as penetration pathways and reservoir structures for topically applied compounds has been validated in numerous animal models as well as in humans. FollicularExpand
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Release of doxorubicin in sweat: first step to induce the palmar-plantar erythrodysesthesia syndrome?
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Grey Goo on the Skin? Nanotechnology, Cosmetic and Sunscreen Safety
Many modern cosmetic or sunscreen products contain nano-sized components. Nanoemulsions are transparent and have unique tactile and texture properties; nanocapsule, nanosome, noisome, or liposomeExpand
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The role of hair follicles in the percutaneous absorption of caffeine.
WHAT IS ALREADY KNOWN ABOUT THIS SUBJECT * In recent years, it has been suggested that hair follicles represent important shunt routes into the skin for drugs and chemicals [1-3]. * In vitro studiesExpand
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