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Agonist-stimulated Cl- efflux from human neutrophils. A common phenomenon during neutrophil activation.
When human peripheral blood neutrophils were stimulated with various agonists which activate and/or prime neutrophils, we found that Cl- efflux was enhanced with a dramatic (50%) loss ofExpand
Recombinant human monocyte IL-8 primes NADPH-oxidase and phospholipase A2 activation in human neutrophils.
We demonstrate for the first time that recombinant human monocyte interleukin-8 (rhMIL-8) primes human neutrophil responses to fMLP. Human neutrophils preincubated for 10 min with 10(-8) M rhMIL-8Expand
Chemokinetic accumulation of human neutrophils on immune complex-coated substrata: analysis at a boundary
The locomotory behavior of human blood neutrophil leukocytes was studied at a boundary between two surfaces with different chemokinetic properties. This was achieved by time-lapse cinematography ofExpand
Bovine retinal explants cultured in collagen gels. A model system for the study of proliferative retinopathy.
We have developed a model system for studying proliferative retinopathy in vitro using bovine retinal explants cultured in collagen gels. Cellular outgrowth from retinal explants occurred after 7Expand
Glycosaminoglycans facilitate the movement of fibroblasts through three-dimensional collagen matrices.
The effect of glycosaminoglycans on the invasion of choroid fibroblasts into type I collagen gels was studied. Both hyaluronate and chondroitin sulphate, when incorporated into the gel, facilitatedExpand
Studies of intercellular invasion in vitro using rabbit peritoneal neutrophil granulocytes (PMNS). I. Role of contact inhibition of locomotion
Intercellular invasion is the active migration of cells on one type into the interiors of tissues composed of cells of dissimilar cell types. Contact paralysis of locomotion is the cessation ofExpand
Fibronectin and collagen inhibit cell-substratum adhesion of neutrophil granulocytes.
Abstract Serum fibronectin inhibits the adhesion of neutrophil granulocytes (PMNs) to clean glass, HSA-coated glass, and gelatin-coated glass. It does not affect adhesion to collagen-coated glassExpand
The adhesion, migration and chemotaxis of leucocytes in inflammation.
The morphological behaviour of leucocytes1 leaving the blood has been studied for more than a hundred years and can be described in some detail, but the mechanisms involved are for the most partExpand
Cellular proliferation in the vitreous: the use of vitreous explants as a model system.
An in vitro model of cellular proliferation in the vitreous has been developed using explants of bovine vitreous gel. Various cell types, including chick embryo pigmented retinal epithelium,Expand
Signal response transduction in rabbit neutrophil leucocytes. The effects of exogenous phospholipase A2 suggest two pathways exist.
Rabbit neutrophils stimulated by chemotactic peptide (fMLP) or phorbol ester (PMA) respond with a metabolic burst which can be assayed by following luminol-enhanced chemiluminescence. Depending uponExpand