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Rebasing 'Maddison' : new income comparisons and the shape of long-run economic development
Economists’ understanding of long-run economic development has greatly improved thanks to the historical statistics compiled by the late Angus Maddison. Yet his method for comparing income levelsExpand
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Between Conquest and Independence: Real Wages and Demographic Change in Spanish America, 1530-1820
On the basis of a newly constructed dataset, this paper presents long-term series of the price levels, nominal wages, and real wages in Spanish Latin America – more specifically in Mexico, Peru,Expand
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The first green revolution: the growth of production and productivity in European agriculture, 1870-1914
T he years after I870 were a major turning point in the history of the agriculture of western Europe. Until then, agricultural growth had almost taken a single course. As the population grew and landExpand
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Tracing the beginning of the Kuznets curve: western Europe during the early modern period
In some respects comparative research into the inequality of income and wealth in western Europe during the early modern period is virgin territory. There are a large number of studies on theExpand
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"The Long Road to the Industrial Revolution. The European Economy in a Global Perspective, 1000–1800", Jan Luiten van Zanden, London-Boston 2009 : [recenzja] / Jacek Kochanowicz.
List of Illustrations Introduction: The Long Road to the Industrial Revolution Part One Medieval Foundations Introducing the Problem: The Emergence of Efficient Institutions in the Middle Ages WhyExpand
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The Long Road to the Industrial Revolution: The European economy in a global perspective, 1000-1800 The Long Road to the Industrial Revolution
‘The Long Road to the Industrial Revolution’ offers a new explanation of the origins of the industrial revolution in Western Europe by placing development in Europe within a global perspective. ItExpand
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From Baghdad to London
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Wages and the standard of living in Europe, 1500 1800
It is argued that the study of the development of the living standard of large segments of the European population between 1500 and 1800 should make use of the available evidence on prices and wages.Expand
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Rich and poor before the industrial revolution: a comparison between Java and the Netherlands at the beginning of the 19th century
Abstract This paper examines disparities in the level of economic development at the beginning of the 19th century, comparing between the Netherlands and Java. A detailed reconstruction of GDP andExpand
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