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Inter- and Intraspecific Comparisons of Antiherbivore Defenses in Three Species of Rainforest Understory Shrubs
Plants defend themselves against herbivores and pathogens with a suite of morphological, phenological, biochemical, and biotic defenses, each of which is presumably costly. The best studied areExpand
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New Insights into the Genus Lithophyllum (Lithophylloideae, Corallinaceae, Corallinales) from Deepwater Rhodolith Beds Offshore the NW Gulf of Mexico
Hard bank rhodolith beds at 45–80 m depth offshore Louisiana in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico harbor a diverse community of non-geniculate coralline algae spanning multiple lineages including bothExpand
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Lithophyllum species from Brazilian coast: range extension of Lithophyllum margaritae and description of Lithophyllum atlanticum sp. nov. (Corallinales, Corallinophycidae, Rhodophyta)
Coralline algae (Corallinophycidae, Rhodophyta) are primarily characterized by the impregnation of calcium carbonate (calcite) in their cell walls. To determine the systematic position of genera andExpand
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Molecular and Morphological Diversity of Lithothamnion spp. (Hapalidiales, Rhodophyta) from Deepwater Rhodolith Beds in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico
In the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico (NWGMx), subtidal rhodolith beds offshore Louisiana at 45–80 m depth harbor a diverse community of uncharacterized non-geniculate coralline algae including bothExpand
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Distance Dependence of Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Metalloporphyrin Dimers
To study the dynamics and mechanism of intramolecular photoinduced electron transfer (PET) reactions, a series of (ZnII−FeIII) meso-tetraarylmetalloporphyrin dimers were synthesized and the kineticsExpand
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GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: Followup at 15 GHz
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Sporolithon sinusmexicanum sp. nov. (Sporolithales, Rhodophyta): a new rhodolith-forming species from deepwater rhodolith beds in the Gulf of Mexico
Sporolithon is a non-geniculate, marine taxon that occurs in tropical to subtropical and warm temperate habitats worldwide. On the basis of specimens collected from offshore Louisiana and Florida inExpand
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