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Effect of Rhizobium–Azospirillum coinoculation on nitrogen fixation and yield of two contrasting Phaseolus vulgaris L. genotypes cultivated across different environments in Cuba
The importance of genotype × inocula interactions in agricultural outputs is highlighted and a link between greenhouse phenotype, genetic background and performance in the field is established and modified stability regression equations resulting from this study may contribute to predict how a combination of genotypes and inoculum will perform at a certain environmental setting. Expand
Phylogenetic relationships of platyhelminthes based on 18S ribosomal gene sequences.
The hypothesis that parasitism evolved at least twice in Platyhelminthes, once in the ancestor to Neodermata and again in the descendant of Fecampiida, independently to the ancestor of putatively parasitic "Dalyellioida" is supported. Expand