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S100 and Cytokine Expression in Caries
ABSTRACT The molecular immune response of the pulpal tissue during chronic carious infection is poorly characterized. Our objective was to examine the expression of potential molecular mediators ofExpand
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Gene expression profiling of pulpal tissue reveals the molecular complexity of dental caries.
High-throughput characterisation of the molecular response of pulpal tissue under carious lesions may contribute to improved future diagnosis and treatment. To identify genes associated with thisExpand
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Gene expression analysis in cells of the dentine-pulp complex in healthy and carious teeth.
Knowledge of the molecular events that occur in carious disease has so far been constrained due to difficulties in obtaining sufficient quantities of the dental tissues and cells involved. OurExpand
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Adrenomedullin is expressed during rodent dental tissue development and promotes cell growth and mineralization
Background information. ADM (adrenomedullin) has pleiotropic effects, including regulation of inflammation, infection, angiogenesis, mineralized‐tissue formation and development. Recently, weExpand
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International Workshop on Gelidium
Unilocular cystocarps, with ostioles opening to one frond surface, have traditionally distinguished Pterocladia from Gelidium, described as having bilocular cystocarps, with ostioles opening to bothExpand
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Piezo-power microdissection of mature human dental tissue.
Isolation of sufficient quantities of pure populations of odontoblasts from healthy and diseased teeth will facilitate our understanding of dentinogenesis during development and repair. Here weExpand
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everyone knows about, gastric acid, on ferments which may play a role in protein digestion, on the cells which provide the lining of the stomach, and on that remarkable substance still known only asExpand
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Autonomics: An Autonomous and Intelligent Economic Platform and Next Generation Money Tool
We propose a high-level network architecture for an economic system that integrates money, governance and reputation. With this system we introduce a method for issuing, and redeeming a digital coinExpand
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