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Phylogeny of the festucoid grasses of subtribe Loliinae and allies (Poeae, Pooideae) inferred from ITS and trnL-F sequences.
Parsimony and Bayesian analyses of the combined ITS/trnL-F dataset show Loliinae to be monophyletic but unresolved for a weakly supported clade of 'broad-leaved Festuca,' while Vulpia is polyphyletic within the 'fine-leaves' fescues as revealed by the two genome analyses.
Systematics of Festuca L. sects. Eskia Willk., Pseudatropis Kriv., Amphigenes (Janka) Tzvel., Pseudoscariosa Kriv. and Scariosae Hack. based on analysis of morphological characters and DNA sequences
Taxonomic circumscriptions of these groups and phylogenetic relationships among them and with respect to other Festuca lineages have been achieved after independent and simultaneous analyses of both morphological and molecular characters.
Human capital and export performance in the Spanish manufacturing firms
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effects of firms’ general and specific human capital on the export propensity and intensity.,The resource-based view of the firm provides the