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Proceso de rotura de una cúpula oval en la catedral de Tortosa. Análisis del mecanismo de colapso
In April of 2011, one of the masonry domes of the cathedral of Tortosa enclosure (Tarragona), built at late XVIII century, suddenly broke. The paper presents the evolution of the rupture and itsExpand
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Using the terrestrial laser scanner and simple methodologies for geometrically assessing complex masonry vaults
Abstract In recent years, the development of massive data capture techniques, such as the Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS), has raised the possibility of developing new procedures for assessingExpand
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Assessment and restoration of a masonry dome in the cathedral of Tortosa enclosure
In April of 2011, one of the masonry domes of the cathedral of Tortosa enclosure (Catalunya, near Barcelona) suddenly broke. This paper presents the restoration process of this XVIII century dome,Expand
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Evaluation of large deformations on Romanesque masonry pillars: The case of Santa María de Arties (XII-XIII) at Valle de Arán, Spain
DOI: 10.7764/RDLC.16.3.468 Abstract There is a set of Romanesque churches at Valle de Aran that were built between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries; these churches have suffered largeExpand
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La sciencia theorica speculativa en la construcción gótica. El promotor eclesiástico de la catedral medieval
The construction of Gothic cathedrals can be seen as a transfer of knowledge between ecclesiastical figures the bishop and Chapter, and medieval architect. The beauty of the cathedral depended on theExpand
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Assessment of large deformations on romanesque masonry pillars: The case of santa maría de arties (xii–xiii) at valle de aran, spain
A set of Romanesque churches at Vall d’Aran, which were built between 11th and 13th centuries, have suffered great deformations and geometrical displacements. In some cases, these deformations haveExpand
In the region of Val d’Aran, there is an ensemble of Romanesque churches with very particular formal and constructive characteristics. These buildings, most of which were built during the 12thExpand
Layout of the Gothic octagonal dome of Tortosa Cathedral
The Cathedral of Tortosa (1345–1757) is one of the most important Gothic buildings of Catalonia (Spain). Its relevance is partly due to the large number of documents that have been found from theExpand
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Las escuadras en las marcas de cantero de la Vila d’Horta de Sant Joan (XIV)
En el abside de la Iglesia de Horta de Sant Joan (1316), existen unas marcas de cantero con grandes escuadras. El objetivo es determinar la medida y proporcionalidad de este instrumento y su posibleExpand
Layout and shape of Dürer's Geschützrondellen in the Spanish defensive architecture: the horseshoe pattern in the Enlightenment
Most of the defensive structures of military architecture are based on polygonal shapes staked out by triangulation. There are few buildings designed with curved structures, as the pirobalisticExpand