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Normalizing the stress-degree-day parameter for environmental variability☆
Several experiments involving the measurement of foliage-air temperature differentials (TF—TA) and air vapor pressure deficits (VPD) were conducted on squash, alfalfa, and soybean crops at Tempe andExpand
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Climate Impacts on Agriculture: Implications for Crop Production
Changes in temperature, CO 2 , and precipitation under the scenarios of climate change for the next 30 yr present a challenge to crop production. This review focuses on the impact of temperature, COExpand
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Encyclopedia of Soils in The Environment
Key Topics include Soil Genesis Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy Soil Physics Hydrology Soil Biology Soil Ecology
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Remote Sensing for Crop Management
with the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and various government agencies and private institutions have provided a great deal of fundamental information relating spectral reflectance and thermalExpand
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Application of Spectral Remote Sensing for Agronomic Decisions
Remote sensing has provided valuable insights into agronomic management over the past 40 yr. The contributions of individuals to remote sensing methods have lead to understanding of how leafExpand
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Managing Soils to Achieve Greater Water Use Efficiency
Water use efficiency (WUE) represents a given level of biomass or grain yield per unit of water used by the crop. With increasing concern about the availability of water resources in both irrigatedExpand
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Turbulent Schmidt number from a tracer experiment
Measurements of pesticide emission from a bare soil were used to calculate the turbulent Schmidt number (Sc): the ratio of eddy diffusivity for momentum (eddy viscosity) to the diffusivity for tracerExpand
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Characterization of volatile organic emissions and wastes from a swine production facility
Analytical methods for monitoring the volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, for defining atmospheric transport coefficients, and for monitoring solution phase chemistry have been developed toExpand
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