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Mechanisms of quinolone action and resistance: where do we stand?
Quinolone antibiotics represent one of the most important classes of anti-infective agents and, although still clinically valuable, their use has been compromised by the increasing emergence ofExpand
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Ultra fast trypsin digestion of proteins by high intensity focused ultrasound.
Proteolytic digestion of proteins in seconds under an ultrasonic field provided by high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) has been achieved. Successful in-solution and in-gel tryptic digestion ofExpand
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Trends in ultrasonic-based equipment for analytical sample treatment.
The recent developments achieved in ultrasonic equipment urges the need for the revision of its applications in analytical chemistry. In the present work, the last ultrasonic devices are easilyExpand
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Enzymatic probe sonication: enhancement of protease-catalyzed hydrolysis of selenium bound to proteins in yeast.
This paper describes the dramatic activity enhancement of two proteolytic enzymes (protease XIV and subtilisin) when treated with an ultrasonic probe and their application to total Se determinationExpand
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Chromatographic-based methods for pesticide determination in honey: An overview.
Nowadays the control of pesticides in honey is an issue of primary health importance as consequence of the increasing content of these chemicals in the aforementioned matrix. This poisoning has ledExpand
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An overview of the effective combination therapies for the treatment of breast cancer.
Breast cancer (BC) is generally classified based on the receptors overexpressed on the cell nucleus, which include hormone receptors such as progesterone (PR) and estrogen (ER), and HER2.Expand
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Mass-Up: an all-in-one open software application for MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry knowledge discovery
Mass-Up, an open software multiplatform application for MALDI-TOF-MS knowledge discovery is herein presented. Expand
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Development of a fast and efficient ultrasonic-based strategy for DNA fragmentation.
Several ultrasound-based platforms for DNA sample preparation were evaluated in terms of effective fragmentation of DNA (plasmid and genomic DNA)-ultrasonic probe, sonoreactor, ultrasonic bath andExpand
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Micro-focused ultrasonic solid-liquid extraction (muFUSLE) combined with HPLC and fluorescence detection for PAHs determination in sediments: optimization and linking with the analytical minimalism
Analytical minimalism is a concept that deals with the optimization of all stages of an analytical procedure so that it becomes less time, cost, sample, reagent and energy consuming. The guide-linesExpand
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Ultrasonic-assisted matrix solid-phase dispersion as an improved methodology for the determination of pesticides in fruits.
An ultrasonic-assisted matrix solid-phase dispersion (UA-MSPD) method has been developed for extracting and cleaning-up 15 organophosphorus pesticides (OPPs) and 9 triazines in fruits. Using reversedExpand
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