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Gammaridean Amphipoda from Depths of 400 to 6000 Meters
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Revision of Iphimediidae and similar families (Amphipoda : Gammaridea)
— The amphipod families Acanthonotozomatidae, Amathillopsidae, Astryidae, Epimeriidae (=Paramphithoidae), Iphimediidae, Ochlesidae and Stilipedidae are rediagnosed and three new families,Expand
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Tube-building behavior in Grandidierella, and two species of Cerapus
Individuals of Grandidierella bonnieroides and Cerapus sp. R commence tube formation by enrolling themselves in a blanket of detritus and gluing together clumps of the material with strands of silkExpand
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Amphipodological agreement with Platnick
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Training in the Schools for Civic Efficiency
of. personal concern, and at the same time be utterly inefficient or even conscienceless as a member of the body politic. Religion and politics were not tao be mixed, nor were religion and business.Expand
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The Identity of Dexamonica and Prinassus
[Die Genera Prinassus Hansen (1887) und Dexamonica Barnard (1957) sind synonym. Prinassus ist ein Subgenus von Guernea Chevreux (1887). Die Mundteile von Prinassus sind ahnlich denen von Guernea,Expand
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Morphologic changes in skeletal muscle induced by serotonin treatment: a light- and electron-microscope study.
Abstract Normal, adult mice were injected daily with either one or 10 μg/gm body weight serotonin creatinine sulfate (5-hydroxytryptamine) for periods of three or nine weeks. After three weeks, theExpand
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