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Nonlinear analysis of bivariate data with cross recurrence plots
We use the extension of the method of recurrence plots to cross recurrence plots (CRP) which enables a nonlinear analysis of bivariate data. To quantify CRPs, we develop further three measures ofExpand
Enhancing complex-network synchronization
Heterogeneity in the degree (connectivity) distribution has been shown to suppress synchronization in networks of symmetrically coupled oscillators with uniform coupling strength (unweightedExpand
How basin stability complements the linear-stability paradigm
Linear-stability measures for assessing the state of a dynamical system are inherently local, and thus insufficient to quantify stability against substantial perturbations. The volume of a state’sExpand
Estimation of dynamical invariants without embedding by recurrence plots.
Two dynamical invariants, the second order Renyi entropy and the correlation dimension, can be estimated from recurrence plots (RPs) with arbitrary embedding dimension and delay with robust results. Expand
Chapter 9 Phase synchronization: From theory to data analysis
The chapter presents techniques of the bivariate data analysis and illustrates them by examples of physiological data, given in the ascending order of the signal analysis complexity. Expand
Detection of synchronization for non-phase-coherent and non-stationary data
We present a new method to detect phase as well as generalized synchronization in a wide class of complex systems. It is based on the recurrences of the system's trajectory to the neighborhood of aExpand
A Comparative Classification of Complexity Measures
Abstract A number of different measures of complexity have been described, discussed, and applied to the logistic map. A classification of these measures has been proposed, distinguishing homogeneousExpand
Synchronization in a population of globally coupled chaotic oscillators
We demonstrate synchronization transition in a large ensemble of non-identical chaotic oscillators, globally coupled via the mean field. We show that this coherent behaviour is due to synchronizationExpand
Tipping elements of the Indian monsoon: Prediction of onset and withdrawal
Forecasting the onset and withdrawal of the Indian summer monsoon is crucial for the life and prosperity of more than one billion inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent. However, accurate predictionExpand