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RRT-connect: An efficient approach to single-query path planning
A simple and efficient randomized algorithm is presented for solving single-query path planning problems in high-dimensional configuration spaces. The method works by incrementally building twoExpand
Randomized Kinodynamic Planning
This paper presents the first randomized approach to kinodynamic planning (also known as trajectory planning or trajectory design). The task is to determine control inputs to drive a robot from anExpand
Randomized kinodynamic planning
  • S. LaValle, J. Kuffner
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Proceedings IEEE International Conference on…
  • 10 May 1999
A state-space perspective on the kinodynamic planning problem is presented, and a randomized path planning technique that computes collision-free kinodynamic trajectories for high degree-of-freedom problems is introduced. Expand
Automated construction of robotic manipulation programs
A new voting-based object pose extraction algorithm that does not rely on 2D/3D feature correspondences and thus reduces the early-commitment problem plaguing the generality of traditional vision-based pose extraction algorithms is shown. Expand
OpenRAVE: A Planning Architecture for Autonomous Robotics
This work introduces an open-source cross-platform software architecture called OpenRAVE, the Open Robotics and Animation Virtual Environment, targeted for real-world autonomous robot applications, and includes a seamless integration of 3-D simulation, visualization, planning, scripting and control. Expand
Dex-Net 1.0: A cloud-based network of 3D objects for robust grasp planning using a Multi-Armed Bandit model with correlated rewards
The Dexterity Network (Dex-Net) 1.0, a dataset of 3D object models and a sampling-based planning algorithm to explore how Cloud Robotics can be used for robust grasp planning, and reports on system sensitivity to variations in similarity metrics and in uncertainty in pose and friction. Expand
Manipulation Planning Among Movable Obstacles
This paper presents the resolve spatial constraints (RSC) algorithm for manipulation planning in a domain with movable obstacles and identifies methods for sampling object surfaces and generating connecting paths between grasps and placements to optimize the efficiency. Expand
Manipulation planning on constraint manifolds
CBIRRT extends the Bi-directional RRT (BiRRT) algorithm by using projection techniques to explore the configuration space manifolds that correspond to constraints and to find bridges between them, and can solve many problems that the BiRRT cannot. Expand
Multipartite RRTs for Rapid Replanning in Dynamic Environments
The multipartite RRT (MP-RRT), an RRT variant which supports planning in unknown or dynamic environments, is presented, by purposefully biasing the sampling distribution and re-using branches from previous planning iterations. Expand