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Diversity of Sulfur Isotope Fractionations by Sulfate-Reducing Prokaryotes
ABSTRACT Batch culture experiments were performed with 32 different sulfate-reducing prokaryotes to explore the diversity in sulfur isotope fractionation during dissimilatory sulfate reduction byExpand
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Molecular analysis of the distribution and phylogeny of the soxB gene among sulfur-oxidizing bacteria - evolution of the Sox sulfur oxidation enzyme system.
The soxB gene encodes the SoxB component of the periplasmic thiosulfate-oxidizing Sox enzyme complex, which has been proposed to be widespread among the various phylogenetic groups ofExpand
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Molecular Analysis of the Diversity of Sulfate-Reducing and Sulfur-Oxidizing Prokaryotes in the Environment, Using aprA as Functional Marker Gene
  • B. Meyer, J. Kuever
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Applied and Environmental Microbiology
  • 5 October 2007
ABSTRACT The dissimilatory adenosine-5′-phosposulfate reductase is a key enzyme of the microbial sulfate reduction and sulfur oxidation processes. Because the alpha- and beta-subunit-encoding genes,Expand
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The influence of ultramafic rocks on microbial communities at the Logatchev hydrothermal field, located 15 degrees N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
The ultramafic-hosted Logatchev hydrothermal field (LHF) on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is characterized by high hydrogen and methane contents in the subseafloor, which support a specialized microbialExpand
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Phylogeny of the alpha and beta subunits of the dissimilatory adenosine-5'-phosphosulfate (APS) reductase from sulfate-reducing prokaryotes--origin and evolution of the dissimilatory
Newly developed PCR assays were used to PCR-amplify and sequence fragments of the dissimilatory adenosine-5'-phosphosulfate (APS) reductase genes (aprBA) comprising nearly the entire gene locusExpand
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Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria and Their Activities in Cyanobacterial Mats of Solar Lake (Sinai, Egypt)
ABSTRACT The sulfate-reducing bacteria within the surface layer of the hypersaline cyanobacterial mat of Solar Lake (Sinai, Egypt) were investigated with combined microbiological, molecular, andExpand
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Molecular analysis of the distribution and phylogeny of dissimilatory adenosine-5'-phosphosulfate reductase-encoding genes (aprBA) among sulfur-oxidizing prokaryotes.
Dissimilatory adenosine-5'-phosphosulfate (APS) reductase (AprBA) is a key enzyme of the dissimilatory sulfate-reduction pathway. Homologues have been found in photo- and chemotrophicExpand
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Denitratisoma oestradiolicum gen. nov., sp. nov., a 17beta-oestradiol-degrading, denitrifying betaproteobacterium.
A Gram-negative, motile, denitrifying bacterium (strain AcBE2-1(T)) was isolated from activated sludge of a municipal wastewater treatment plant using 17beta-oestradiol (E2) as sole source of carbonExpand
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Steroidobacter denitrificans gen. nov., sp. nov., a steroidal hormone-degrading gammaproteobacterium.
A denitrifying bacterium, designated strain FS(T), was isolated from anoxic digested sludge on oestradiol [17beta-oestra-1,3,5(10)-triene-3,17-diol] or testosterone (17beta-hydroxyandrost-4-en-3-one)Expand
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Distribution and Diversity of Sulfur-OxidizingThiomicrospira spp. at a Shallow-Water Hydrothermal Vent in the Aegean Sea (Milos, Greece)
ABSTRACT A shallow-water hydrothermal vent system in the Aegean Sea close to the island of Milos (Greece) was chosen to study the diversity and distribution of the chemolithoautotrophicExpand
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