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Functional tissue pulsatility imaging of the brain during visual stimulation.
Functional tissue pulsatility imaging is a new ultrasonic technique being developed to map brain function by measuring changes in tissue pulsatility as a result of changes in blood flow with neuronalExpand
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Tissue pulsatility imaging of cerebral vasoreactivity during hyperventilation.
Tissue pulsatility imaging (TPI) is an ultrasonic technique that is being developed at the University of Washington to measure tissue displacement or strain as a result of blood flow over the cardiacExpand
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Plethysmographic arterial waveform strain discrimination by Fisher's method.
Plethysmography has been used for over 50 years to measure gross change in tissue blood volume. Over the cardiac cycle, perfused tissue initially expands as the blood flow into the arterioles exceedsExpand
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Characterizing an agar/gelatin phantom for image guided dosing and feedback control of high-intensity focused ultrasound.
The temperature dependence of an agar/gelatin phantom was evaluated. The purpose was to predict the material property response to high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) for developing ultrasoundExpand
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Improved detection of kidney stones using an optimized Doppler imaging sequence
Kidney stones have been shown to exhibit a “twinkling artifact” (TA) under Color Doppler ultrasound. Although this technique has better specificity than conventional B-mode imaging, it has lowerExpand
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Focused ultrasound: concept for automated transcutaneous control of hemorrhage in austere settings.
BACKGROUND High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is being developed for a range of clinical applications. Of particular interest to NASA and the military is the use of HIFU for traumatic injuriesExpand
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Intense focused ultrasound stimulation can safely stimulate inflamed subcutaneous tissue and assess allodynia
BackgroundPotential peripheral sources of deep pain can require invasive evocative tests for their assessment. Here we perform research whose ultimate goal is development of a non-invasive evocativeExpand
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Rapid ultrasonic stimulation of inflamed tissue with diagnostic intent.
Previous studies have observed that individual pulses of intense focused ultrasound (iFU) applied to inflamed and normal tissue can generate sensations, where inflamed tissue responds at a lowerExpand
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Deep Bleeder Acoustic Coagulation (DBAC)—part II: in vivo testing of a research prototype system
BackgroundDeep Bleeder Acoustic Coagulation (DBAC) is an ultrasound image-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) method proposed to automatically detect and localize (D&L) and treat deep,Expand
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Ultrasound-based cell sorting with microbubbles: A feasibility study.
The isolation and sorting of cells is an important process in research and hospital labs. Most large research and commercial labs incorporate fluorescently or magnetically labeled antibodies adherentExpand
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