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Regulation of Cdc25C by ERK-MAP Kinases during the G2/M Transition
Induction of G(2)/M phase transition in mitotic and meiotic cell cycles requires activation by phosphorylation of the protein phosphatase Cdc25. Although Cdc2/cyclin B and polo-like kinase (PLK) canExpand
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cdc25 is one of the MPM-2 antigens involved in the activation of maturation-promoting factor.
MPM-2 antigens, a discrete set of phosphoproteins that contain similar phosphoepitopes recognized by the monoclonal antibody MPM-2, are phosphorylated during M-phase induction. Our previous studiesExpand
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Involvement of the Conserved Adaptor Protein Alix in Actin Cytoskeleton Assembly*
The conserved adaptor protein Alix, also called AIP1 or Hp95, promotes flattening and alignment of cultured mammalian fibroblasts; however, the mechanism by which Alix regulates fibroblast morphologyExpand
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At least two kinases phosphorylate the MPM-2 epitope during Xenopus oocyte maturation
MPM-2 antigens, a discrete set of phosphoproteins that contain similar phosphoepitopes (the MPM-2 epitope), are associated with various mitotically important structures. The central mitotic regulatorExpand
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RSK Promotes Prostate Cancer Progression in Bone through ING3, CKAP2, and PTK6-Mediated Cell Survival
Prostate cancer has a proclivity to metastasize to bone. The mechanism by which prostate cancer cells are able to survive and progress in the bone microenvironment is not clear. Identification ofExpand
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Finely tuned regulation of cytoplasmic retention of Xenopus nuclear factor 7 by phosphorylation of individual threonine residues.
Xenopus nuclear factor 7 (xnf7) is a maternal gene product that functi ons in dorsal/ventral patterning of the embryo. The xnf7 protein is stored in the oocyte nucleus germinal vesicle in aExpand
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Inhibition of prostate tumor growth by overexpression of NudC, a microtubule motor-associated protein
Microtubules play a central role in coordinating various cellular functions that are orchestrated by their interaction with molecular motors. Anticancer drugs that target microtubule dynamics haveExpand
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Inhibition of Cell Adhesion by a Cadherin-11 Antibody Thwarts Bone Metastasis
Cadherin-11 (CDH11) is a member of the cadherin superfamily mainly expressed in osteoblasts but not in epithelial cells. However, prostate cancer cells with a propensity for bone metastasis expressExpand
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Molecular cloning of a splice variant of Caenorhabditis elegans YNK1, a putative element in signal transduction.
YNK1 is a 98.3-kDa protein whose sequence was originally deduced from a genomic sequence in Caenorhabditis elegans. It was recently found that YNK1 is homologous to three different proteinsExpand
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Decoding the intrinsic mechanism that prohibits ALIX interaction with ESCRT and viral proteins.
The adaptor protein ALIX [ALG-2 (apoptosis-linked-gene-2 product)-interacting protein X] links retroviruses to ESCRT (endosomal sorting complex required for transport) machinery during retroviralExpand
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