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Habitat use by crayfish in stream pools: influence of predators, depth and body size
SUMMARY 1. Crayfish in headwater streams are subjected to predation from two sources: (a) fish; and (b) terrestrial predators including wading birds and mammals. Field observations of the mortalityExpand
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Path analysis and the relative importance of male–female conflict, female choice and male–male competition in water striders
Abstract Three major behavioural mechanisms underlying sexual selection in many systems are male–male competition, female choice and male–female conflict. We used path analysis to evaluate theExpand
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An Experimental Study on the Effects of Predation Risk and Feeding Regime on the Mating Behavior of the Water Strider
Influence du risque du a la presence de predateurs et a au jeune subit sur le taux d'accouplement et sur sa duree
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Alternative mating tactics in the Great Plains toad
  • J. Krupa
  • Biology
  • Animal Behaviour
  • 1 June 1989
Abstract Male Great Plains toads, Bufo cognatus , exhibit two mating tactics. At any time, most males give advertisement calls to attract females, while other males, ‘satellites’, remain silent andExpand
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Assortative mating by size: A meta-analysis of mating patterns in water striders
SummaryAssortative mating by size is a common mating pattern that can be generated by several different behavioural mechanisms, with different evolutionary implications. Assortative mating isExpand
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Fishing spiders, green sunfish, and a stream-dwelling water strider: male-female conflict and prey responses to single versus multiple predator environments
Abstract Many studies have experimentally addressed the effects of a particular predator species on prey behavior. In nature, however, prey frequently face multiple species of predators that oftenExpand
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Experimental studies on water strider mating dynamics: spatial variation in density and sex ratio
  • J. Krupa, A. Sih
  • Biology
  • Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology
  • 1 August 1993
SummaryWe used field surveys, field experiments and experiments in artificial pools to study the effects of variation in sex ratio and density on mating dynamics of a stream water strider, AquariusExpand
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The Importance of Naturalists as Teachers & the Use of Natural History as a Teaching Tool
FuTuymA (1998) defines a naturalist (specifically a scientific naturalist) as someone with a broad and deep knowledge of one or more groups of organisms or ecological communities. A naturalist has anExpand
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Male density, female density and inter-sexual conflict in a stream-dwelling insect
Abstract Male and female densities were experimentally manipulated to determine their effects on inter-sexual conflict over mating in the water strider,Aquarius remigis. Upon encounter, males andExpand
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