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The effect of elevated CO2 on the vegetative and generative growth of Phalaenopsis
Elevated CO2 during the vegetative growth phase had no significant effect on the number of spikes, but the trend indicates an increase in spike quality.
Monitoring of climate variables in semi-closed greenhouses
Growers and Dutch government have concluded a covenant in which they express the ambition to reduce the carbon footprint of greenhouse production in order to improve the energy neutrality of newly
In Situ Shell‐Isolated Nanoparticle‐Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Nickel‐Catalyzed Hydrogenation Reactions
The true potential of SHINERS is illustrated by opening the door to studying industrially relevant reactions under in in-situ or operando reaction conditions.
Energy spread of ultracold electron bunches extracted from a laser cooled gas
Ultrashort and ultracold electron bunches created by near-threshold femtosecond photoionization of a laser cooled gas hold great promise for single-shot ultrafast diffraction experiments. In previous
Vermindering wortelproblemen Miltonia (Miltoniopsis)
Bij de teelt van Miltonia (Miltoniopsis) komen veel wortelproblemen voor. Planten komen los op de pot te staan en vallen weg. Onderzoek gefinancierd door het Productschap Tuinbouw heeft laten zien