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Towards Planetary Society: The Institutionalisation of Love in the Work of Rosenstock-Huessy, Rosenzweig and Levinas
Abstract Different and even contradictory cultural repertoires and lifestyles need to cooperate on a global scale. This is not only an indispensable requirement for maintaining peace, but also forExpand
Capacities, Development and Responsible Innovation
Moral aspects of capacity building as part of responsible innovation deserve a more central place in the development debate and research. This comes to the fore in the capacity to deal with projectExpand
Planetary Engineering: Entrepreneurship at the Interface of Cultures
This contribution answers the question: what capacities are required for engineers to participate in entrepreneurship for development, specifically in developing countries? Related to this mainExpand
Energy innovation systems in developing countries: Experiences with the implementation of PV in Kenya
This paper deals with the implementation of western-based renewable energy technologies within a developing country context. It describes theoretical frameworks that can be used to that can be usedExpand
Shaping Future Green Cities: LEDs Technology adoption as an option for India
The sustainable development in developing and newly industrialising countries (China, India, South Africa, and Brazil) is central issue for policy makers, decision makers, academic, and planners. TheExpand
The end of neoliberalism and the beginning of talking business A value oriented approach to entrepreneurship in Kenya
The neoliberal approach dominating the globalization process is criticized in this contribution as not working for the promotion of entrepreneurship in the Kenyan situation. It is a shortcut of theExpand