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Introducing the UCDP Non-State Conflict Dataset
This article extends the Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) by presenting new global data on non-state conflict, or armed conflict between two groups, neither of which is the state. The datasetExpand
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Estimating War Deaths
In a much-cited recent article, Obermeyer, Murray, and Gakidou (2008a) examine estimates of wartime fatalities from injuries for thirteen countries. Their analysis poses a major challenge to theExpand
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Heritage under attack: motives for targeting cultural property during armed conflict
Abstract Although attacks on cultural property have caused international outcry, our understanding of this phenomenon is still limited. In particular, little research has been directed towardsExpand
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From Tremors to Talks: Do Natural Disasters Produce Ripe Moments for Resolving Separatist Conflicts?
This article suggests that natural disasters can produce a ripe moment for conflict resolution because governments faced with the demand for effective disaster relief have incentives to offerExpand
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Dismantling the Conflict Trap : Essays on Civil War Resolution and Relapse
Countries that have experienced civil war suffer a greater risk for new conflict than countries with no prior history of civil war. This empirical finding has been called a conflict trap where the ...
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A responsibility to talk: mediation and violence against civilians
Does the killing of civilians in civil wars motivate third party action? While there is some evidence that cases with humanitarian atrocities are more likely to attract peacekeeping missionsExpand
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Reviewing the EU Arms Embargo on China : the Clash between Value and Rationale in the European Security Strategy
Examining a current review of the EU arms embargo on China, the article reveals a clash between value and rationale in the European Security Strategy. The adoption of the Solana strategy has receivedExpand
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Percutaneous penetration/dermal absorption of hair dyes in vitro.
This paper presents an in vitro technique to analyse percutaneous penetration and dermal absorption of hair dyes, topically applied to excised pig skin. Representative examples are given by theExpand
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