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Arms races between and within species
The arms race concept is suggested to help to resolve three long-standing questions in evolutionary theory: one lineage may drive the other to extinction, one may reach an optimum, thereby preventing the other from doing so, and both sides may reach a mutual local optimum.
An introduction to behavioural ecology
This chapter discusses natural selection, Ecology and Behaviour Testing Hypotheses in Behavioural Ecology, and the design of Signals in Ecology and Evolution.
Hippocampal specialization of food-storing birds.
The results suggest that food-storing species of passerines have an enlarged hippocampal complex as a specialization associated with the use of a specialized memory capacity.
Territory and breeding density in the Great Tit
A movable bridge connector providing in active position a continuous contact surface between spaced apart sections of a phase conductor at a switching station of a current collecting system. The
Parental care
The second Silent Spring?
The drive to squeeze ever more food from the land has sent Europe's farmland wildlife into a precipitous decline. How can agricultural policy be reformed so that we have fewer grain mountains and