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Chromatic mechanisms in lateral geniculate nucleus of macaque.
This paper introduces a new technique for the analysis of the chromatic properties of neurones, and applies it to cells in the lateral geniculate nucleus (l.g.n.) of macaque. The method exploits theExpand
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Rapid adaptation in visual cortex to the structure of images.
Complex cells in striate cortex of macaque showed a rapid pattern-specific adaptation. Adaptation made cells more sensitive to orientation change near the adapting orientation. It reducedExpand
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Chromatic mechanisms in striate cortex of macaque
We measured the responses of 305 neurons in striate cortex to moving sinusoidal gratings modulated in chromaticity and luminance about a fixed white point. Stimuli were represented in a 3-dimensionalExpand
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Cardinal directions of color space
Thresholds for detecting changes in color are raised following viewing a field sinusoidally modulated in color over time. This effect is highly selective. For example, thresholds for detectingExpand
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Color discrimination and adaptation
We have measured color discrimination in the isoluminant plane under rigorously controlled adaptation conditions. Two regimes were studied. Under the first regime the observer was adapted to theExpand
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Information Conveyed by Onset Transients in Responses of Striate Cortical Neurons
Normal eye movements ensure that the visual world is seen episodically, as a series of often stationary images. In this paper we characterize the responses of neurons in striate cortex to stationaryExpand
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Discrimination and detection of changes in luminance
Abstract Prolonged viewing of fields varying in luminance as a sawtooth function of time selectively raises the detection threshold for incremental and decremental pulses and steps. The thresholdExpand
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Higher order color mechanisms
Evidence supporting the existence of higher order color mechanisms, that is, ones beyond the previously identified second stage mechanisms is presented. This evidence includes a reanalysis of theExpand
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Vernier acuity: Effects of chromatic content, blur and contrast
Offset thresholds were measured for targets whose horizontal profiles were either Gaussian or odd-symmetric Gabor functions. The targets were defined either by variation along the constant B or theExpand
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