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A large area detector for high-energy neutrons
Abstract We present design studies, results of test measurements, and Monte Carlo simulations which served as a basis for the realization of a large area neutron detector (LAND). It has a front areaExpand
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Coulomb breakup of the neutron-rich isotopes 15C and 17C
Abstract Coulomb breakup of unstable neutron-rich carbon isotopes 15,17 C has been studied at energies around ∼500–600 MeV/nucleon. Non-resonant low-lying dipole strength is observed in theseExpand
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The hydration enthalpies of Md3+ and Lr3+
Lawrencium (3-min 260Lr) and lighter actinides were produced in the bombardment of a 249Bk target with 18O ions and loaded onto a cation exchange column in 0.05 M α-hydroxyisobutyrate solution atExpand
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Systematic investigation of the drip-line nuclei 11Li and 14Be and their unbound subsystems 10Li and 13Be
Fragmentation reactions in a carbon target with beams of 11Li and 14Be at relativistic energies have been studied in a kinematically complete experiment at the ALADIN-LAND setup at GSI. ExcitedExpand
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Invariant-mass spectroscopy of 10Li and 11Li
Break-up of secondary Li-11 ion beams (280 MeV/nucleon) on C and Pb targets into Li-9 and neutrons is studied experimentally. Cross sections and neutron multiplicity distributions are obtained,Expand
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Isotope distributions in the reaction of /sup 238/U with /sup 238/U
Radiochemically determined cross sections sigma (Z, A) were used to construct charge and mass distributions for the reaction of 1785-MeV /sup 238/U ions with thick /sup 238/U targets. Fission of theExpand
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First Superheavy Element Experiments at the GSI Recoil Separator TASCA: The Production and Decay of Element 114 in the 244Pu(48Ca,3-4n) Reaction
Experiments with the new recoil separator, Transactinide Separator and Chemistry Apparatus (TASCA), at the GSI were performed by using beams of Ca-48 to irradiate targets of Pb206-208, which led toExpand
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