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CorA: A web-based annotation tool for historical and other non-standard language data
We present CorA, a web-based annotation tool for manual annotation of historical and other non-standard language data. It allows for editing the primary data and modifying token boundaries during the
Manual and semi-automatic normalization of historical spelling - case studies from Early New High German
Norma is presented, a semi-automatic normalization tool that integrates different modules (lexicon lookup, rewrite rules) for normalizing words in an interactive way and dynamically updates the set of rule entries, given new input.
Swiss-AL: A Multilingual Swiss Web Corpus for Applied Linguistics
The Swiss Web Corpus for Applied Linguistics (Swiss-AL) is a multilingual (German, French, Italian) collection of texts from selected web sources designed to support data-based and data-driven research on societal and political discourses in Switzerland.
A Workbench for Corpus Linguistic Discourse Analysis
The workbench enables the analysis of Swiss-AL, a multilingual Swiss web corpus with sources from media, politics, industry, science, and civil society and is designed for researchers of various disciplines, practitioners, and students.
Discourse Communities in Digital Transformation. Definitions, Approaches and Purposes
In diesem Beitrag wird im Kontext der sprachbezogenen Diskursforschung das Konzept der Diskursgemeinschaft in der digitalen Transformation diskutiert. Unter einer systemtheoretischen Deutung von
21 Exploring and analyzing linguistic environments