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Penetrance of 845G→A (C282Y) HFE hereditary haemochromatosis mutation in the USA
BACKGROUND There has been much interest in screening populations for disease-associated mutations. A favoured candidate has been the HFE gene, mutations of which are the most common cause ofExpand
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Increased prevalence of interstitial cystitis: previously unrecognized urologic and gynecologic cases identified using a new symptom questionnaire and intravesical potassium sensitivity.
OBJECTIVES Most individuals with interstitial cystitis (IC) have both pelvic pain and urinary urgency/frequency, and many have dyspareunia. Existing questionnaires designed to assess bladder-originExpand
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A Cramér-von Mises statistic for randomly censored data
SUMMARY The asymptotic distributions of Cramer-von Mises type statistics based on the productlimit estimate of the distribution function of a certain class of randomly censored observations areExpand
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Enhancement of antibody detection in cancer using panel of recombinant tumor-associated antigens.
Cancer sera contain antibodies which react with a unique group of autologous cellular antigens called tumor-associated antigens (TAAs). This study determines whether a mini-array of multiple TAAsExpand
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Extended follow-up of patients with hairy cell leukemia after treatment with cladribine.
PURPOSE Hairy cell leukemia (HCL) is an uncommon, indolent, chronic B-cell lymphoproliferative disorder involving the marrow and spleen. Therapy for HCL includes splenectomy, interferon alfa-2a andExpand
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Cladribine in treatment of chronic progressive multiple sclerosis
Chronic progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) is a severely disabling demyelinating disease in which autoimmune processes seem to have a major role. The nucleoside drug cladribine is a potentExpand
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Recursive partitioning as an approach to selection of immune markers for tumor diagnosis.
PURPOSE AND EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Cancer sera contain antibodies which react with a unique group of autologous cellular antigens called tumor-associated antigens (TAAs), but the low frequency ofExpand
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Activated Microvessels Express Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Integrin αvβ3 During Focal Cerebral Ischemia
Both vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and integrin αvβ3 play roles in angiogenesis. In noncerebral vascular systems, VEGF can induce endothelial integrin αvβ3 expression. However, it isExpand
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Angiotensin type 1 receptor blockage improves ischemic injury following transient focal cerebral ischemia
Following cerebral ischemia, i.v. infusion of angiotensin II increases cerebral edema and mortality. Angiotensin type 1 receptor blockage should therefore improve acute cerebral ischemia. Left middleExpand
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