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Oxidation of corn starch, glucose, and fructose ingested before exercise.
The purpose of this study was to compare the metabolic and endocrine responses, and the amounts of exogenous carbohydrate oxidized, during prolonged moderate cycle ergometer exercise (120 min, 60%Expand
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Isotope ratio mass spectrometric method for the on-line determination of oxygen-18 in organic matter.
  • J. Koziet
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of mass spectrometry : JMS
  • 1997
A method for the on-line determination of oxygen-18, at a naturally occurring level, in organic material is presented. After pyrolysis of the samples to form carbon monoxide, which is performed atExpand
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The role of type and structure of complex carbohydrates response to physical exercise.
To examine the level of oxidation between different carbohydrate foodstuffs ingested one hour before exercise, three experiments were conducted in men. They performed a series of exercise tests ofExpand
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Determination of the oxygen-18 and deuterium content of fruit and vegetable juice water. An European inter-laboratory comparison study
Abstract Two inter-laboratory comparison studies were organised by a working group of the technical committee for the analysis of fruit and vegetable juices of the European Commission ofExpand
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Control of the authenticity of orange juice by isotopic analysis
Le rapport isotopique C13/C12 ne permet pas de detecter l'addition de sucre de betterave (seulement du sirop de glucose ou du sucre de canne). La mise en evidence de l'addition du sucre de betteraveExpand
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Use of 13C-labeled glucose for estimating glucose oxidation: some design considerations.
Use of 13C-labeled glucose for estimating in vivo rates of glucose oxidation faces several difficulties, particularly the accurate determination of the output of 13C in expired air. In anExpand
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Whole Body De Novo Amino Acid Synthesis in Type I (Insulin-dependent) Diabetes Studied With Stable Isotope-labeled Leucine, Alanine, and Glycine
Dynamic aspects of whole body alanine and glycine metabolism have been explored in insulin-dependent (type I) diabetic subjects. Using a primed, continuous intravenous (i.v.) infusion of [2H3]alanineExpand
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Glutamine metabolism in healthy adult men: response to enteral and intravenous feeding.
To assess the effect of feeding on glutamine kinetics, six healthy men received 4-h intravenous infusions of L-[2-15N]glutamine and L-[1-13C]leucine on 3 separate days: 1) in the postabsorptiveExpand
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Leucine metabolism at graded amino acid intakes in children receiving parenteral nutrition.
To assess the response of protein turnover to graded levels of amino acid (AA) intakes, leucine kinetics were determined in six 8- to 16-yr-old patients in a stable nutritional status receiving homeExpand
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Determination of carbon-13 content of sugars of fruit and vegetable juices
Abstract An inter-laboratory comparison, organized by a working group of the technical committee for the analysis of fruit and vegetable juices of the European Commission of Standardization (CEN/TCExpand
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