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SARS-CoV-2-specific antibody detection in healthcare workers in Germany with direct contact to COVID-19 patients
The overall seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 in healthcare workers of a tertiary hospital in Germany is low and the data indicate that the local hygiene standard might be effective. Expand
Low transferrin and high ferritin concentrations are associated with worse outcome in acute liver failure
This study investigated if these parameters can predict outcome in patients with acute liver failure and found that ferritin and transferrin do not predict outcome. Expand
Increased resistance of gram-negative urinary pathogens after kidney transplantation
BackgroundUrinary tract infection is the most common complication after kidney transplantation. It can cause severe sepsis and transplant loss. Emergence of drug resistance among gram-negativeExpand
Pro-Inflammatory Th1 and Th17 Cells Are Suppressed During Human Experimental Endotoxemia Whereas Anti-Inflammatory IL-10 Producing T-Cells Are Unaffected
Investigation of effector T-cell and Treg responses in an experimental human endotoxemia model found effector THs fail to produce pro-inflammatory Th1-/Th17-associated cytokines after LPS challenge, which might be a contributing factor to immunoparalysis in sepsis. Expand
The Donor Major Histocompatibility Complex Class I Chain-Related Molecule A Allele rs2596538 G Predicts Cytomegalovirus Viremia in Kidney Transplant Recipients
The results of this study emphasize the clinical importance of the MICA/NKG2D axis in CMV control in KTx and point out that the potential MICA transcription in the donor allograft is of clinically relevant importance for CMV immune control in this allogeneic situation. Expand
Impact of low‐level BK polyomavirus viremia on intermediate‐term renal allograft function
The impact of low‐level BKPyV viremia on intermediate‐term graft function and outcome compared with high‐level vire Mia and non‐viremic patients is analyzed. Expand
T-Track-CMV and QuantiFERON-CMV assays for prediction of protection from CMV reactivation in kidney transplant recipients.
The QuantiFERON-CMV and T-Track- CMV enable the functional assessment of CMV-specific CMI in KTx recipients and could stratify patients at risk ofCMV reactivation/infection. Expand
Performance and Utility of Transient Elastography and Non-Invasive Markers of Liver Fiibrosis in Patients with Autoimmune Hepatitis: A Single Centre Experience
Transient elastography, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) fiibrosis score, and FibroQ are valuable non-invasive markers for the evaluation of liverfiibrosis in autoimmune hepatitis but they cannot replace liver biopsy, especially in differentiating mild from more advanced stages of Fiibrosis. Expand
Impact of immune suppressive agents on the BK‐Polyomavirus non coding control region
It is demonstrated that mTOR1‐inhibitors are able to reduce early‐expression of wildtype and rearranged NCCRs, which might contribute to previously described inhibition of BKPyV‐replication. Expand
B-cell dynamics during experimental endotoxemia in humans
Endotoxemia causes a transient depletion of memory B cells and Breg from the circulation, but the functional capacity of B cells to produce IL-10 is not impaired and production of anti-inflammatory interleukin (IL)-10 (IL-10) by Breg was unaltered after LPS challenge. Expand