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Meta‐analysis of Trade‐offs among Plant Antiherbivore Defenses: Are Plants Jacks‐of‐All‐Trades, Masters of All?
On the basis of physiological and ecological costs of defense allocation, most plant defense theories predict the occurrence of trade‐offs between resource investment in different types ofExpand
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Antioxidant responses to simulated acid rain and heavy metal deposition in birch seedlings.
This study measured the responses of different anti-oxidants in 2-year-old birch (Betula pendula Roth) seedlings subjected to simulated acid rain (pH 4.0) and heavy metals (Cu/Ni), applied alone orExpand
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Fluctuating asymmmetry of birch leaves increases under pollution impact
Fluctuating asymmetry (FA) of birch leaves collected along four pollution gradients in NW Europe was assessed by measuring the difference in width between right and left halves of the leaf. FA ofExpand
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Densities of endophytic fungi and performance of leafminers (Lepidoptera : Eriocraniidae) on birch along a pollution gradient
Abstract We examined densities of endophytic fungi and their associations with performance of Eriocrania leaf-mining moth larvae on white birch ( Betula pubescens ) and silver birch ( B. pendula )Expand
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Multi-trophic dynamics and ecosystem processes
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The relationship between abundance and performance of Eriocrania miners in the field: effects of the scale and larval traits studied
1. This paper examines patterns of host use and larval performance in solitary and gregarious birch-feeding Eriocrania miners. We compared the correspondence between miner abundance and differentExpand
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Variations in chemical composition of birch foliage under air pollution stress and their consequences for Eriocrania miners.
The relationships between chemical composition of birch foliage, individual performance and population density of both solitary and gregarious species of Eriocrania leafminers (Lepidoptera:Expand
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Ant predation of Eriocrania miners in a polluted area
We tested the hypothesis that air pollution may affect population densities of birch‐feeding leafminers via changes in ant predation. Foraging activity of three ant species (Formica rufa, F. fuscaExpand
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Can parasitoids explain density patterns of Eriocrania (Lepidoptera: Eriocraniidae) miners in a polluted area?
On a estime les densites de population et le parasitisme larvaire d'especes mineuses d'Eriocrania solitaires et gregaires (1 a 6 larves par galerie) pendant deux saisons successives, sur 13 sitesExpand
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