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Thermal history of the Earth and its petrological expression
article i nfo Non-arc basalts of Archean and Proterozoic age have model primary magmas that exhibit mantle potential temperatures TP that increase from 1350 °C at the present to a maximum ofExpand
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Crustal structure of the southeast Greenland margin from joint refraction and reflection seismic tomography
We present results from a combined multichannel seismic reflection (MCS) and wideangle onshore/offshore seismic experiment conducted in 1996 across the southeast Greenland continental margin. A newExpand
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Chemical composition of Earth's primitive mantle and its variance: 1. Method and results
[1] We present a new statistical method to construct a model for the chemical composition of Earth's primitive mantle along with its variance. Earth's primitive mantle is located on the melting trendExpand
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Urey ratio and the structure and evolution of Earth's mantle
[1] The Urey ratio describes the contribution of internal heat production to planetary-scale energy balance, and knowing this thermal budget for Earth is essential to understand its long-termExpand
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Archean Geodynamics and the Thermal Evolution of Earth
Possible geodynamic regimes that may have prevailed in the Archean are investigated by back-tracking the thermal history of Earth from the present-day conditions. If the temporal evolution ofExpand
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Mantle thermal structure and active upwelling during continental breakup in the North Atlantic
Seismic reflection and refraction data acquired on four transects spanning the Southeast Greenland rifted margin and Greenland^Iceland Ridge (GIR) provide new constraints on mantle thermal structureExpand
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Isostatic response of the Australian lithosphere: Estimation of effective elastic thickness and anisotropy using multitaper spectral analysis
Gravity and topography provide important insights regarding the degree and mechanisms of isostatic compensation. The azimuthally isotropic coherence function be- tween the Bouguer gravity anomaly andExpand
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Major element heterogeneity in the mantle source of the North Atlantic igneous province
High-MgO (s 8.5 wt%), aphyric lavas erupted at various locations in the North Atlantic igneous province are utilized to characterize the nature of mantle melting during the formation of thisExpand
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Why did not the Ontong Java Plateau form subaerially
Abstract A recent drilling leg on the Ontong Java Plateau and subsequent studies have consolidated the following observation for this gigantic oceanic plateau: The bulk of the plateau was formed at ∼Expand
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Initiation and Evolution of Plate Tectonics on Earth: Theories and Observations
The inception of plate tectonics on Earth and its subsequent evolution are discussed on the basis of theoretical considerations and observational constraints. The likelihood of plate tectonics in theExpand
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