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Light Sterile Neutrinos: A White Paper
This white paper addresses the hypothesis of light sterile neutrinos based on recent anomalies observed in neutrino experiments and the latest astrophysical data.
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LEP Shines Light on Dark Matter
Dark matter pair production at high energy colliders may leave observable signatures in the energy and momentum spectra of the objects recoiling against the dark matter. We use LEP data onExpand
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Flavor violating Higgs decays
A bstractWe study a class of nonstandard interactions of the newly discovered 125 GeV Higgs-like resonance that are especially interesting probes of new physics: flavor violating Higgs couplings toExpand
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Sterile neutrino oscillations: the global picture
A bstractNeutrino oscillations involving eV-scale neutrino mass states are investigated in the context of global neutrino oscillation data including short and long-baseline accelerator, reactor, andExpand
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New features in the simulation of neutrino oscillation experiments with GLoBES 3.0: (General Long Baseline Experiment Simulator)
GLoBES now allows for the implementation of arbitrary systematics, which can also be used for the simulation of multi detector experiments. Expand
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Updated global analysis of neutrino oscillations in the presence of eV-scale sterile neutrinos
A bstractWe discuss the possibility to explain the anomalies in short-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments in terms of sterile neutrinos. We work in a 3 + 1 framework and pay special attentionExpand
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Missing Energy Signatures of Dark Matter at the LHC
We use ATLAS and CMS searches in the mono-jet + missing energy and mono-photon + missing energy final state to set limits on the couplings of dark matter to quarks and gluons. Working in an effectiveExpand
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Exploring ν signals in dark matter detectors
We investigate standard and non-standard solar neutrino signals in direct dark matter detection experiments. It is well known that even without new physics, scattering of solar neutrinos on nuclei orExpand
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Are there sterile neutrinos at the eV scale?
New predictions for the antineutrino flux from nuclear reactors suggest that reactor experiments may have measured a deficit in this flux, which can be interpreted in terms of oscillations betweenExpand
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DAMA/LIBRA data and leptonically interacting dark matter
We consider the hypothesis that dark matter (DM) has tree-level interactions only with leptons. Such a framework, where DM recoils against electrons bound in atoms, has been proposed as anExpand
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