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A Bicycle Can Be Self-Stable Without Gyroscopic or Caster Effects
This work built a bicycle with extra counter-rotating wheels (canceling the wheel spin angular momentum) and with its front-wheel ground-contact forward of the steer axis (making the trailing distance negative) and shows that various design variables, like the front mass location and the steeraxis tilt, contribute to stability in complex interacting ways. Expand
Rider motion identification during normal bicycling by means of principal component analysis
Recent observations of a bicyclist riding through town and on a treadmill show that the rider uses the upper body very little when performing normal maneuvers and that the bicyclist may, in fact,Expand
Virtual Laboratories: Comparability of Real and Virtual Environments for Environmental Psychology
Experience of and behavior in virtual environments have similarities to that in real environments, but there are important differences as well, and this is not only a necessary, but also a very interesting research subject for environmental psychology. Expand
Experimental validation of a model of an uncontrolled bicycle
Abstract In this paper, an experimental validation of some modelling aspects of an uncontrolled bicycle is presented. In numerical models, many physical aspects of the real bicycle are consideredExpand
Some Observations on Human Control of a Bicycle
The purpose of this study is to identify human control actions in normal bicycling. The task under study is the stabilization of the mostly unstable lateral motion of the bicycle-rider system. ThisExpand
Dustbathing behaviour of laying hens as related to quality of dustbathing material
Abstract The dustbathing behaviour of laying hens ( Gallus gallus domesticus ) is significantly influenced when either sand or woodshavings are offered as a dustbathing material. Hens that areExpand
A method is presented to estimate and measure the geometry, mass, centers of mass and the moments of inertia of a typical bicycle and rider. The results are presented in a format for ease of use withExpand
Statistics of bicycle rider motion
An overview of bicycle and rider kinematic motions from a series of experimental treadmill tests is presented. The full kinematics of bicycles and riders were measured with an active motion captureExpand
Accurate Measurement of Bicycle Parameters
Accurate measurements of a bicycle’s physical parameters are required for realistic dynamic simulations and analysis. The most basic models require the geometry, mass, mass location and massExpand
Some recent developments in bicycle dynamics and control
The paper is devoted to the design of a human-like controller for a bicycle model and there seems to be little difference in the dynamics and control of a model with fixed rider and a model without fixed rider. Expand