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The biology of the mycobacteria
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The study of mutagenesis inMycobacterium phlei
Results obtained when studying mutagenesis inMycobacterium phlei are summarized in this work. It was the aim of this paper to obtain an overall summary of mutation properties of this model in theExpand
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The induction of pigmentation change in a non-acid-fast strain ofMycobacterium phlei by ultraviolet radiation
Five scotochromogenic mutants and 11 achromogenic mutants were induced by UV irradiation of the non-acid-fast photochromogenic PN strain ofMycobacterium phlei. Spontaneous scotochromogenic andExpand
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Production of exopolysaccharide by a new mutant strain ofAchromobacter delicatulus using whey fermentation
A novel mutant strain ofAchromobacter delicatulus was cultivated in a 75-L fermentor, using whey as carbon source and production of exocellular glucan was measured. The fermentation had a biphasicExpand
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Use of whey for production of exocellular polysaccharide by a mutant strain ofXanthomonas campestris
Growth and kinetics of the production of exocellular polysaccharide was studied in a mutant strain ofXanthomonas campestris lac+ during cultivation in a submerged culture in a medium containing whey.Expand
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Mapping of the chromosome ofMycobacterium phlei by means of mutagenesis of the replication point
The aim of the present work was to construct a replication map of the chromosome ofMycobacterium phlei. The method of mutagenesis of the replication point by means of nitrosoguanidine was applied toExpand
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The mutagenic effect of ethyl methanesulfonate on a non-acid-fast strain ofMycobacterium phlei
Ethyl methanesulfonate was used for the induction of three types of mutants in a non-acidfast strain ofMycobacterium phlei. A total of 20 auxotrophie mutants was isolated. The mutants were isolatedExpand
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Growth and xanthan production of Xanthomonas campestris depending on the N-source concentration
Growth of X. campestris and production of xanthan were studied in several batch fermentations with different starting concentrations of N-source. The dependencies of growth, productivity and yieldsExpand
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Production and characteristics of the exocellular polysaccharide in mutant strains ofXanthomonas fuscans
Production of the exocellular polysaccharide of the phytopathogenic bacteriumXanthomonas fuscans was investigated with respect to its possible use in utilization of industrial wastes containingExpand
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The mutagenic effect of ultraviolet radiation and nitrous acid onMycobacterium phlei
Lethal and mutagenic effects of nitrous acid and UV radiation onMycobacterium phlei were studied Three auxotrophic strains of the PA strain ofMycobacterium phlei were obtained: ala-, his-, and gly-Expand
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