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Lava production at Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat: 1995-2009
[1] We estimate that about 1 km3 of andesitic lava has been produced at Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat from 1995 to 2009. There were three major episodes of extrusion, each lasting about 2 toExpand
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Eyewitness, stratigraphy, chemistry, and eruptive dynamics of the 1913 Plinian eruption of Volcán de Colima, México
Abstract Based on the stratigraphic record of the deposits, analysis of previous works, historic archives, and eyewitness accounts the 1913 eruption of Volcan de Colima was reconstructed. TheExpand
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Volcano flank instability in the Lesser Antilles Arc: Diversity of scale, processes, and temporal recurrence
[1] The 1997 Boxing Day collapse, a remarkable feature of the ongoing eruption of Soufriere Hills on Montserrat, has prompted new interest in the study of volcano stability in the Lesser Antilles.Expand
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Submarine eruption near Socorro Island, Mexico: Geochemistry and scanning electron microscopy studies of floating scoria and reticulite
Abstract Products of an underwater eruption near Socorro Island in the NE Pacific were observed directly on January 29, 1993, ten days after precursors were first recorded by SOFAR (Sound Fixing andExpand
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The Merapi 2010 eruption: An interdisciplinary impact assessment methodology for studying pyroclastic density current dynamics
Abstract The large explosive eruption of Merapi volcano, Indonesia, in 2010 presented a key, and rare, opportunity to study the impacts of a major explosive eruption in a densely populated area.Expand
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Submarine evidence for large-scale debris avalanches in the Lesser Antilles Arc
Results from a recent marine geophysical survey demonstrate the importance of the process of flank collapse in the growth and evolution of volcanoes along an island arc. The Aguadomar cruise, aboardExpand
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Radiometric dating of three large volume flank collapses in the Lesser Antilles Arc
Abstract It is now recognised that flank collapses are a recurrent process in the evolution of the Lesser Antilles Arc volcanoes. Large magnitude debris-avalanche deposits have been identified offExpand
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The memory of volcanic waters: Shallow magma degassing revealed by halogen monitoring in thermal springs of La Soufrière volcano (Guadeloupe, Lesser Antilles)
Abstract The halogen contents of thermal waters collected since 1979 at La Soufriere volcano (Guadeloupe, Lesser Antilles) are interpreted as a retarded record of magma degassing pulses dispersedExpand
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Source of the great A.D. 1257 mystery eruption unveiled, Samalas volcano, Rinjani Volcanic Complex, Indonesia
Significance Based on ice core archives of sulfate and tephra deposition, one of the largest volcanic eruptions of the historic period and of the past 7,000 y occurred in A.D. 1257. However theExpand
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Paroxysmal dome explosion during the Merapi 2010 eruption: Processes and facies relationships of associated high-energy pyroclastic density currents
An 11-minute sequence of laterally-directed explosions and retrogressive collapses on 5 November 2010 at Merapi (Indonesia) destroyed a rapidly-growing dome and generated high-energy pyroclasticExpand
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