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Case-Based Reasoning
Case-based reasoning is one of the fastest growing areas in knowledge-based systems and this book, authored by a leader in the field, is the first comprehensive text on the subject. Expand
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Problem-Based Learning Meets Case-Based Reasoning in the Middle-School Science Classroom: Putting Learning by Design(tm) Into Practice
This article tells the story of the design of Learning by Design(tm) (LBD), a project-based inquiry approach to science learning with roots in case-based reasoning and problem-based learning, pointing out the theoretical contributions of both, classroom issues that arose upon piloting a first attempt, ways we addressed those challenges, lessons learned about promoting learning taking a collaborative inquiry approach, and lessons Learned about taking a theory-based approach to designing learning environments. Expand
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What Is Case-Based Reasoning?
This chapter describes case-based reasoning. Case-based reasoning can mean adapting old solutions to meet new demands, using old cases to explain new situations, using old cases to critique newExpand
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An introduction to case-based reasoning
  • J. Kolodner
  • Computer Science
  • Artificial Intelligence Review
  • 1 March 1992
In case-based reasoning, a reasoner remembers a previous situation similar to the current one and uses that to solve the new problem. Expand
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Educational implications of analogy. A view from case-based reasoning.
Case-based reasoning (CBR) focuses on analogy in the context of solving real-world problems. Its research methodology of computational modeling is aimed at deriving hypotheses about cognition. CBR'sExpand
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Designing to Learn About Complex Systems
We report on a design experiment in which 6th grade children learned about the human respiratory system by designing artificial lungs and building partial working models. Expand
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Improving Human Decision Making through Case-Based Decision Aiding
The case-based decision-aiding system augments the person's memory by providing cases (analogs) for a person to use in solving a problem. Expand
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Retrieval and organizational strategies in conceptual memory: a computer model
CYRUS (Computerized Yale Retrieval and Updating System) stores and retrieves episodes in the lives of Secretaries of State Cyrus Vance and Edmund Muskie. Expand
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Maintaining Organization in a Dynamic Long-Term Memory
  • J. Kolodner
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • Cogn. Sci.
  • 1 October 1983
We present an algorithm for knowledge-based memory reorganization and a fact retrieval system which uses the algorithm. Expand
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The MEDIATOR: Analysis of an Early Case-Based Problem Solver
The MEDIATOR was one of the earliest case-based, problem-solving programs, and its domain is dispute resolution. Expand
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