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Management, co-management or no management? Major dilemmas in southern African freshwater fisheries. 1. Synthesis Report
Management, co-management, or no management? : major dilemmas in southern African freshwater fisheries. 1, Synthesis report , Management, co-management, or no management? : major dilemmas in southernExpand
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On balanced exploitation of marine ecosystems: results from dynamic size spectra
Fisheries are often managed to protect small young fish and to harvest big old fish. This can be wasteful, leading to large parts of catches being discarded. A recent suggestion is that it could beExpand
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Are the Lake Victoria fisheries threatened by exploitation or eutrophication? Towards an ecosystem-based approach to management
Lake Victoria’s ecosystem has shown fundamental changes over its past recorded history in terms of nutrient loadings, productivity, faunal composition and fisheries. As yet, however, no attempt hasExpand
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Squaring the circle: reconciling fishing and conservation of aquatic ecosystems
Size-at-entry regulations in fisheries cause major disruption to aquatic ecosystems, including truncation of age- and size-structures, destabilization of fish stocks, directional selection onExpand
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Maximizing fisheries yields while maintaining community structure
Under the ecosystem approach to fisheries, an optimal fishing pattern is one that gives the highest possible yield while having the least structural impact on the community. Unregulated, open-accessExpand
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Since the creation in 1958 of Lake Kariba, situated on the Zambezi River and shared between Zambia and Zimbabwe, substantial changes in both its fisheries and in the fish communities have beenExpand
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Effect of ambient oxygen on growth and reproduction in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)
Growth, size at maturity, gonadosomatic index (GSI), egg size, and absolute fecundity of Nile tilapia (Oreo- chromis niloticus) were significantly affected by oxygen levels (1.5 ± 1.0, 2.8 ± 1.4, andExpand
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Selective fishing and balanced harvest in relation to fisheries and ecosystem sustainability. Report of a scientific workshop organized by the IUCN-CEM Fisheries Expert Group (FEG) and the European
The conventional selectivity paradigm is briefly reviewed and its performance examined from an ecosystem perspective. It is stressed that the overall (cumulative) selectivity of the harvest processExpand
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Growth, mortality, maturity and length-weight parameters of fishes in Lake Kariba, Africa
This preliminary compilation presents vital parameters for 22 species of freshwater fish from Lake Kariba. The majority of the growth parameters are derived from tables in Balon and Coche's "LakeExpand
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