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A Review of Control and Modulation Methods for Matrix Converters
It is concluded that the control strategy has a significant impact on the resonance of the MC input filter. Expand
Influence of the modulation method on the conduction and switching losses of a PWM converter system
The dependency of the conduction losses of a bridge leg of a PWM power converter system with a high pulse rate on the shape of the phase modulation functions is explored. This is done for modulationExpand
Design and Implementation of a Highly Efficient Three-Level T-Type Converter for Low-Voltage Applications
The demand for lightweight converters with high control performance and low acoustic noise led to an increase in switching frequencies of hard switched two-level low-voltage 3-phase converters overExpand
Modeling and η-α-Pareto Optimization of Inductive Power Transfer Coils for Electric Vehicles
This paper details the optimization of inductive power transfer (IPT) coil systems with respect to efficiency η and area-related power density α as required in electric vehicle applications. Based onExpand
An Isolated Three-Port Bidirectional DC-DC Converter With Decoupled Power Flow Management
An isolated three-port bidirectional dc-dc converter composed of three full-bridge cells and a high-frequency transformer is proposed in this paper. Besides the phase shift control managing the powerExpand
Closed Form Solution for Minimum Conduction Loss Modulation of DAB Converters
An optimal modulation scheme that enables minimum conduction and copper losses is presented for a bidirectional dual active bridge (DAB) dc-dc converter. The considered converter system is employedExpand
Analytical calculation of the RMS current stress on the DC-link capacitor of voltage-PWM converter systems
A simple analytical expression for the current stress on the DC-link capacitor caused by the load-side inverter of a voltage DC-link-converter system is derived. The DC-link capacitor-current RMSExpand
A novel three-phase utility interface minimizing line current harmonics of high-power telecommunications rectifier modules
  • J. Kolar, F. Zach
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron.
  • 1 August 1997
A new three-phase three-switch three-level pulsewidth modulated (PWM) rectifier system is developed that can be characterized by sinusoidal mains current consumption, controlled output voltage, and low-blocking voltage stress on the power transistors. Expand
Review of Three-Phase PWM AC–AC Converter Topologies
This paper presents first an overview of the well-known voltage and current dc-link converter topologies used to implement a three-phase PWM ac-ac converter system, and a common knowledge basis of the individual converterTopologies is established. Expand
Using transformer parasitics for resonant converters - a review of the calculation of the stray capacitance of transformers
Parasitic capacitances of conventional transformers can be used as resonant elements in resonant DC-DC converters in order to reduce the overall system size. For predicting the values of theExpand