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Contamination of human ovarian follicular fluid and serum by chlorinated organic compounds in three Canadian cities.
OBJECTIVES To determine the extent of contamination of ovarian follicular fluid and serum samples in women undergoing in-vitro fertilization and to study the effect of the contaminants onExpand
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Semen predictors of in vitro fertilization and embryo cleavage.
In vitro fertilization treatment for male infertility is not very successful because fertilization is known to be affected by semen quality. Information on fertilizing ability may provide prognosticExpand
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Influence of blood clots in the cumulus complex on oocyte fertilization and cleavage.
Since multiple ovarian punctures are performed during oocyte retrieval, the likelihood of blood contaminating the follicular fluid is high. The purpose of this study was to determine whether theExpand
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Covalent cross-linking of transfer ribonucleic acid to the ribosomal P site. Mechanism and site of reaction in transfer ribonucleic acid.
The covalent cross-linking of unmodified Escherichia coli N-acetylvalyl-tRNA to the 16S RNA of Escherichia coli ribosomes upon near-UV irradiation previously reported by us [Schwartz, I., & Ofengand,Expand
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The value of semen analysis and sperm function assays in predicting pregnancy among infertile couples
Over a 2-year period, 227 couples were evaluated by an extended assessment of the male partner's ejaculate. This extended assessment comprised sperm penetration of denuded hamster oocytes, ability ofExpand
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Does dihydrotestosterone induce atresia in the hypophysectomized immature female rat treated with pregnant mare's serum gonadotropin?
This study was originally designed to test the hypothesis that the binding of luteinizing hormone in granulosa cells decreases with atresia. The hypophysectomized immature female rat that was primedExpand
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Synthesis and properties of nucleoside 5'-phosphoazidates derived from guanosine and adenosine nucleotides: effective on elongation factors G and Tu dependent reactions.
A new type of nucleoside poly (5'-phosphate) analogue, nucleoside 5"-phosphoazidate, with an azido group on the terminal phosphate of GTP, ATP, GDP, GMP, AND AMP, has been synthesized by nucleophilicExpand
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[Physical fitness of children after operation of ventricular septal defect of the heart].
Physical fitness of 26 children aged 8-12 years, being 4-7 years after cardiosurgical correction of ventricular septal defect of the heart (VSD) was studied. The results were compared with the onesExpand
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Digital signal processor: Speech synthesis
This paper describes a device that is capable of synthesizing speech in real time and is based on the digital signal processor chip. Expand
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[Analysis of the cardiac arrhythmias in premature infants throughout the 24 hours following birth using Holter method].
The aim of the study was to determine the heart rhythm (the frequency and disturbances) in premature infants in satisfactory clinical condition throughout the 24 hours following birth using HolterExpand
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