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Visual Analytics: Definition, Process, and Challenges
We are living in a world which faces a rapidly increasing amount of data to be dealt with on a daily basis. In the last decade, the steady improvement of data storage devices and means to create andExpand
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Mastering the Information Age - Solving Problems with Visual Analytics
Data Nodes, Edges Display Interactive Display Visual Analogues VisualItems in ItemRegistry User Figure 6.3: The Information Visualisation Reference Model, adapted from Heer et al.[57] 6.2 State ofExpand
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Visual Analysis of Large Graphs: State‐of‐the‐Art and Future Research Challenges
The analysis of large graphs plays a prominent role in various fields of research and is relevant in many important application areas. Effective visual analysis of graphs requires appropriate visualExpand
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Visual cluster analysis of trajectory data with interactive Kohonen Maps
Visual-interactive cluster analysis provides valuable tools for effectively analyzing large and complex data sets. Due to desirable properties and an inherent predisposition for visualization, theExpand
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The DC-tree: a fully dynamic index structure for data warehouses
In a data warehouse, updates are typically collected and performed periodically in a batch mode, e.g., over night. This standard approach of bulk incremental updates to data warehouses has someExpand
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MotionExplorer: Exploratory Search in Human Motion Capture Data Based on Hierarchical Aggregation
We present MotionExplorer, an exploratory search and analysis system for sequences of human motion in large motion capture data collections. This special type of multivariate time series data isExpand
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Guiding feature subset selection with an interactive visualization
We propose a method for the semi-automated refinement of the results of feature subset selection algorithms. Feature subset selection is a preliminary step in data analysis which identifies the mostExpand
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Solving Problems with Visual Analytics
Visual analytics is an emerging research discipline aiming at making the best possible use of huge information loads in a wide variety of applications by appropriately combining the strengths ofExpand
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A survey and task-based quality assessment of static 2D colormaps
Color is one of the most important visual variables since it can be combined with any other visual mapping to encode information without using additional space on the display. Encoding one or twoExpand
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Towards a global participatory platform
Abstract The FuturICT project seeks to use the power of big data, analytic models grounded in complexity science, and the collective intelligence they yield for societal benefit. Accordingly, thisExpand
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