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Visual Analytics: Definition, Process, and Challenges
The possibilities to collect and store data increase at a faster rate than the ability to use it for making decisions, and in most applications, raw data has no value in itself; instead the authors want to extract the information contained in it. Expand
Mastering the Information Age - Solving Problems with Visual Analytics
Information visualisation and geographic visualisation need information visualisation because they manage multi-valued data with complex topologies that can be visualised using their canonical geometry and 3D systems use specific types of interfaces that are very different to traditional desktop interfaces. Expand
Visual Analysis of Large Graphs: State‐of‐the‐Art and Future Research Challenges
This State‐of‐the‐Art Report surveys available techniques for the visual analysis of large graphs and discusses various graph algorithmic aspects useful for the different stages of the visual graph analysis process. Expand
The DC-tree: a fully dynamic index structure for data warehouses
This work introduces the DC-tree, a fully dynamic index structure for data warehouses modeled as a data cube, a hierarchical index structure-similar to the X-tree-exploiting the concept hierarchies typically defined for the dimensions of aData cube. Expand
Solving Problems with Visual Analytics
In a session at FET’11, the leaders of the thematic working groups of the recently finalised FET Open coordination action VisMaster CA presented the scientific challenges that were identified in the visual analytics research roadmap, and the connection between the various disciplines and the broader vision of visual analytics. Expand
Guiding feature subset selection with an interactive visualization
The visualization technique, SmartStripes, allows users to step into the feature subset selection process and enables the investigation of dependencies and interdependencies between different feature and entity subsets. Expand
Visual cluster analysis of trajectory data with interactive Kohonen Maps
This work applies a comprehensive visual-interactive monitoring and control framework extending the basic SOM algorithm to a trajectory clustering problem, demonstrating its potential in combining both unsupervised (machine) and supervised (human expert) processing, in producing appropriate cluster results. Expand
MotionExplorer: Exploratory Search in Human Motion Capture Data Based on Hierarchical Aggregation
MotionExplorer enables the search in human motion capture data with only a few mouse clicks, and the researchers unanimously confirm that the system can efficiently support their work. Expand
Towards a global participatory platform
Abstract The FuturICT project seeks to use the power of big data, analytic models grounded in complexity science, and the collective intelligence they yield for societal benefit. Accordingly, thisExpand
Web-based Evaluation of Information Visualization☆
A new method that enables web-based evaluations of information visualization systems with performance measures is introduced that enables the measurement of task-completion time, correctness of solved tasks, and includes a number of pre- and post-questionnaires. Expand