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'The study of the family in Japan: integrating anthropological and demographic approaches’ (co-authored with John W. Traphagan)
As Kertzer and Fricke note in their introduction to Anthropological Demography: Toward a New Synthesis, the relationship between sociocultural anthropology and demography has been less thanExpand
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Questioning local boundaries: a critique of the "anthropology of locality"
A key element of the self‐critique in contemporary anthropology centres on the idea that categories such as culture and society have exaggerated human differences. This paper argues that the work ofExpand
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Last of the long goodbyes
With the break-up of Fleet Street, national newspapermen and women now rarely meet and the memorial services, when "The Street" blazes briefly back to life, have become almost like reunions for manyExpand
Notes from the poetry editor
The Working-Man and Immigration
I seems to be a popular impression, especially among politicia.ns, that those citizens of this American republic who are citizens by adoption and not by inheritance, must necessarily be opposed,toExpand
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Selling Mother's Love?
This article examines rural-based mail order food businesses in Japan known as furusatokai. The sale of furusatokai produce takes place by means of a gift- like idiom in which the relationshipExpand
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Securing Zion? Policing in British Palestine, 1917–39
The British period in Palestine (1917–48) was fundamentally shaped by the commitment to promote the Jewish National Home (JNH) as originally stated in the Balfour Declaration (1917). The extent thatExpand
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