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Cultural Geography: a critical introduction
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Excessive Financialisation: Insuring Lifestyles, Enlivening Subjects, and Everyday Spaces of Biosocial Excess
The last two decades have witnessed, as part of a wider financialisation of British economy and society, a creeping privatisation of social welfare provision. Political justification for theExpand
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Mapping alcohol: Health, policy and the geographies of problem drinking in Britain
While parallels can be drawn between contemporary problem drinking in Britain and apparently similar cases from the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, little attention has been paid toExpand
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Actual and Perceived Units of Alcohol in a Self-Defined “Usual Glass” of Alcoholic Drinks in England
Background Several studies have found participants pour more than 1 standard drink or unit as their usual glass. This is the first study to measure actual and perceived amounts of alcohol in aExpand
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This paper is concerned with biofinancialisation; that is, with the ways in which contemporary processes of financialisation and biopolitics intermesh and interpolate. While the significance of theExpand
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The place of drink: Temperance and the public, 1856–1914
  • J. Kneale
  • Sociology, Political Science
  • 1 January 2001
Discussions of the place of drink in Britain between 1856 and 1914 were centrally concerned with alcohol as a public problem. Temperance organizations like the United Kingdom Alliance largelyExpand
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Locating haunting: a ghost-hunter's guide
Recent work in human geography seems to support Roger Luckhurst's (2002) claim that the humanities and social sciences are undergoing a `spectral turn'. This paper is intended as a contribution toExpand
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Working with Groups
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Plots: Space, Conspiracy, and Contingency in William Gibson's Pattern Recognition and Spook Country
The author William Gibson is clearly interested in space. However, as a novelist rather than a geographer, Gibson is interested in two kinds of plots: with locations but also with stories. His novelsExpand
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