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Activation of human CYP2C9 promoter and regulation by CAR and PXR in mouse liver.
Results prove that PXR and CAR are transcription factors regulating CYP2C9 gene expression and their involvement in pregnane X receptor and constitutive androstane receptor mediated activation is evaluated. Expand
Chemical constituents of Curatella americana (Dilleniaceae).
A phytochemical investigation of an ethanolic extract of the leaves of Curatella americana Linn. (Dilleniaceae) resulted in the isolation and identification of the flavonol glycoside avicularin andExpand
Cyclosporine metabolite concentrations in the blood of liver, heart, kidney, and bone marrow transplant patients.
An accurate method to quantitate CsA and its metabolites in blood is developed to measure the concentrations of Cs a, M17, M1, M18, and M21 in the trough blood samples of renal, liver, cardiac, and bone marrow transplant patients, and to assess metabolic differences among patient populations receiving Csa. Expand
Constituents of West African medicinal plants.
Extracts of the stems and roots of Heptacyclum zenkeri Engl. (Menispermaceae) (syn. Penianthus Zenkeri Diels) collected in Ghana afforded the protoberberine alkaloids palmatine and jatrorrhizine andExpand
Anhydrocannabisativine, a new alkaloid from Cannabis sativa L.
Ethanol extracts of the leaves and roots of a Mexican variant of Cannabis sativa L. (marijuana) afforded the new spermidine alkaloid, anhydrocannabisativine, which was determined by spectral analysis and semisynthesis. Expand
Chemical constituents of Echites hirsuta (Apocynaceae).
A phytochemical investigation of an ethanolic extract of the whole plant of Echites hirsuta (Apocynaceae) resulted in the isolation and identification of the flavonoids naringenin, aromadendrinExpand
Hydrodynamic delivery.
Hydrodynamic delivery employs the force generated by the rapid injection of a large volume of solution into the incompressible blood in the circulation to overcome the physical barriers of endothelium and cell membranes that prevent large and membrane-impermeable compounds from entering parenchymal cells. Expand