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Intracellular Zinc Movement and Its Effect on the Carbohydrate Metabolism of Isolated Rat Hepatocytes (*)
The effect of zinc ions on carbohydrate metabolism and intracellular Zn was studied in hepatocytes from fed rats. The addition of ZnCl to the medium led to an almost 3-fold increase in lactateExpand
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Regulation of gluconeogenesis in the guinea pig liver.
Because of differences in the pattern of enzyme activities involved in glycolysis and gluconeo-genesis between rat and guinea pig liver, the regulation of gluconeogenesis in guinea pig liver wasExpand
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A familial progressive neurodegenerative disease with 2-oxoglutaric aciduria
A boy and a girl born to a consanguineous Tunisian couple are suffering from a slowly progressive nervous disorder. Initially they both had normal psychomotor development with acquisition of gait andExpand
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Subcellular compartmentation of guanine nucleotides and functional relationships between the adenine and guanine nucleotide systems in isolated hepatocytes
The subcellular compartmentation of adenine nucleotides between the mitochondria and the cytosol has been clearly demonstrated by the use of different cell fractionation techniques [ 1,2]. However,Expand
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Hormone-induced rise in cytosolic Ca2+ in axolotl hepatocytes: properties of the Ca2+ influx channel.
Calcium entry in nonexcitable cells occurs through Ca(2+)-selective channels activated secondarily to store depletion and/or through receptor- or second messenger-operated channels. In amphibianExpand
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Rapid changes in intracellular Zn2+ in rat hepatocytes.
  • J. Kleineke, I. Brand
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of pharmacological and toxicological…
  • 1 December 1997
Changes in the concentration of free Zn2+ were monitored in isolated rat hepatocytes using the fluorescent indicator zinquin (ethyl[2-methyl-8-p-toluenesulphonamido-6-quinolyloxy]acetat e). TheExpand
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Relationship between intracellular distribution of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase, regulation of gluconeogenesis, and energy cost of glucose formation.
Gluconeogenesis was studied in isolated perfused livers from pigeons, guinea pigs and rats in order to evaluate the role of intramitochondrial formation of phosphoenolpyruvate and the rate andExpand
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Localization of type-1 porin channel (VDAC) in the sarcoplasmatic reticulum.
Eucaryotic porin channels or voltage-dependent anion channels (VDACs) are expressed in the outer mitochondrial membranes and in the plasmalemma of mammalian cells. Subfractions of sarcoplasmaticExpand
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Lentil Lectin Enriched Microsomes from the Plasma Membrane of the Human B-Lymphocyte Cell Line H2LCL Carry a Heavy Load of Type-1 Porin
Using an established biochemical approach, five subcellular fractions of human B lymphocytes were prepared by differential centrifugation. Crude membranes were passed over a lentil lectin column toExpand
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Regulation of gluconeogenesis by fatty acid oxidation in isolated perfused livers of non-starved rats.
The effects of intraportal infusion of 0.18–7.20 mmole/h of sodium caproate on gluconeogenesis were studied in isolated perfused livers of fed male rats. Even 0.18 mmole/h of sodium caproateExpand
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