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Cardiolipin externalization to the outer mitochondrial membrane acts as an elimination signal for mitophagy in neuronal cells
Recognition of injured mitochondria for degradation by macroautophagy is essential for cellular health, but the mechanisms remain poorly understood. Cardiolipin is an inner mitochondrial membraneExpand
Carbon nanotubes degraded by neutrophil myeloperoxidase induce less pulmonary inflammation.
We have shown previously that single-walled carbon nanotubes can be catalytically biodegraded over several weeks by the plant-derived enzyme, horseradish peroxidase. However, whether peroxidaseExpand
Evaluation of different biological data and computational classification methods for use in protein interaction prediction
We study the importance of different biological data sources and the way the data is encoded as features for predicting each of the protein interaction prediction task. Expand
Oxidized arachidonic and adrenic PEs navigate cells to ferroptosis.
Enigmatic lipid peroxidation products have been claimed as the proximate executioners of ferroptosis-a specialized death program triggered by insufficiency of glutathione peroxidase 4 (GPX4). UsingExpand
Prediction of Interactions Between HIV-1 and Human Proteins by Information Integration
We propose a supervised learning framework to predict the global set of interactions between HIV-1 and human host cellular proteins. Expand
Identification of core amino acids stabilizing rhodopsin.
Rhodopsin is the only G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) whose 3D structure is known; therefore, it serves as a prototype for studies of the GPCR family of proteins. Rhodopsin dysfunction has beenExpand
Long-Range Interactions Within a Nonnative Protein
Protein folding and unfolding are coupled to a range of biological phenomena, from the regulation of cellular activity to the onset of neurodegenerative diseases. Defining the nature of theExpand
Protein complex identification by supervised graph local clustering
We present an algorithm for inferring protein complexes from weighted interaction graphs using a probabilistic Bayesian network. Expand
BIPS: BIANA Interolog Prediction Server. A tool for protein–protein interaction inference
We present the BIANA (Biologic Interactions and Network Analysis) Interolog Prediction Server (BIPS), which offers a web-based interface to facilitate PPI predictions based on interolog information. Expand
Mechanistic investigations of horseradish peroxidase-catalyzed degradation of single-walled carbon nanotubes.
Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) have been investigated for a variety of applications including composite materials, electronics, and drug delivery. However, these applications may beExpand