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Dependence of sediment-filled valley response on input amplitude and valley properties
Abstract For three sediment-filled valleys, average site responses were experimentally determined and found to apply, to within ±0.25 log units, to earthquakes at any azimuth and to S waves and codaExpand
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Ex vivo expansion of megakaryocyte progenitors: effect of various growth factor combinations on CD34+ progenitor cells from bone marrow and G-CSF-mobilized peripheral blood.
Prolonged thrombocytopenia resulting from inadequate megakaryocyte (MK) progenitor cell reconstitution is a serious complication of hematopoietic cell-supported high-dose chemotherapy (HDC). In thisExpand
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The free transverse vibrations of anisotropic beams
Abstract A uni-directional composite has high Young's modulus in the fibre direction but low shear modulus. This allows large shear strains and so invalidates some of the assumptions of engineeringExpand
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FHWA scanning report on traffic management and traveler information systems : FHWA's Scanning Program
This report presents the findings of the study team on a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) International Scanning Tour to the countries of Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and England. Expand
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Modeling the seismic response of sedimentary basins
We compare displacements, due to incident SH waves, on the surface of a polyurethane foam model of a two-dimensional semi-cylindrical basin with theoretical results based upon an analytic solution byExpand
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Multiple Event Considerations for Postclosure Seismic Hazard Evaluations at Yucca Mountain, Nevada
Postclosure waste canister design requirements suggest the values used for seismic design have less than a 10% chance of being exceeded in a 1,000 year postclosure period. Considerably longer periodsExpand