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Influence of nonenzymatic glycation on biomechanical properties of cortical bone.
In this study, the influence of nonenzymatic glycation (NEG) on the mechanical properties of bone and bone collagen were investigated. Bovine cortical bone specimens were incubated in ribose to causeExpand
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Immunohistochemical survey of the gut endocrine cells in the common tree shrew (Tupaia belangeri).
Regional distribution and relative frequency of endocrine cells in the gastrointestinal tract of the common tree shrew (Tupaia belangeri) were studied immunohistochemically. Ten types ofExpand
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Mammalian skull heterochrony reveals modular evolution and a link between cranial development and brain size
The multiple skeletal components of the skull originate asynchronously and their developmental schedule varies across amniotes. Here we present the embryonic ossification sequence of 134 species,Expand
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Comparative Functional Morphology of the Masticatory Apparatus in the Long‐snouted Crocodiles
The masticatory muscles and their related structures of the skull were observed in the Indian gavial (Gavialis gangeticus), the false gavial (Tomistoma schlegelii), and the African slender‐snoutedExpand
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Determination of bone volume by osteocyte population
During development and growth, biological tissues and organisms can control their size and mass by regulating cell number (Raff, 1992 ; Conlon and Raff, 1999 ). Later in life both cell number andExpand
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The First Report of Hepatozoon Species Infection in Leopard Cats (Prionailurus bengalensis) in Korea
Abstract Hepatozoon species infections were detected in 4 of 5 heart samples from leopard cats (Prionailurus bengalensis) in Korea examined by light microscopy and PCR. Microscopically, the schizontsExpand
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Functional morphology of the mastication muscles in the lesser and greater mouse deer.
The mastication muscles were examined in the lesser (Tragulus javanicus) and greater mouse deer (Tragulus napu) to clarify the form of the mastication muscles in these primitive artiodactyls. The M.Expand
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Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Xenarthrous Process of the Thoracic and Lumber Vertebrae in the Giant Anteater
Abstract. The presacral vertebra of anteaters was examined by three-dimensional CT image analysis of the xenarthrous processes peculiar to the Order Xenarthra. The anteater is equipped with twoExpand
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Absence of carotid rete mirabile in small tropical ruminants: implications for the evolution of the arterial system in artiodactyls.
The intracranial carotid rete (or rete mirabile epidurale) is a unique blood vascular system supplying the brain of artiodactyls, which have either an involuted or no internal carotid artery.Expand
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Carpal bone movements in gripping action of the giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca).
The movement of the carpal bones in gripping was clarified in the giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) by means of macroscopic anatomy, computed tomography (CT) and related 3-dimensional (3-D) volumeExpand
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