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Bicyclist injury severities in bicycle-motor vehicle accidents.
This research explores the factors contributing to the injury severity of bicyclists in bicycle-motor vehicle accidents using a multinomial logit model. The model predicts the probability of fourExpand
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A note on modeling pedestrian-injury severity in motor-vehicle crashes with the mixed logit model.
Pedestrian-injury severity has been traditionally modeled with approaches that have assumed that the effect of each variable is fixed across injury observations. This assumption ignores possibleExpand
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Age and pedestrian injury severity in motor-vehicle crashes: a heteroskedastic logit analysis.
This research explores the injury severity of pedestrians in motor-vehicle crashes. It is hypothesized that the variance of unobserved pedestrian characteristics increases with age. In response, aExpand
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Driver-injury severity in single-vehicle crashes in California: A mixed logit analysis of heterogeneity due to age and gender.
This research develops a mixed logit model of driver-injury severity in single-vehicle crashes in California. The research especially considers the heterogeneous effects of age and gender. OlderExpand
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Modeling the Probability of Freeway Rear-End Crash Occurrence
  • J. Kim, J. Kim, Yinhai Wang, Yinhai Wang, Gudmundur F. Ulfarsson, Gudmundur F. Ulfarsson
  • Engineering
  • 2007
A microscopic model of freeway rear-end crash risk is developed based on a modified negative binomial regression and estimated using Washington State data. Compared with most existing models, thisExpand
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Spatial regression analysis of traffic crashes in Seoul.
Traffic crashes can be spatially correlated events and the analysis of the distribution of traffic crash frequency requires evaluation of parameters that reflect spatial properties and correlation.Expand
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Passenger Choice Models for Analysis of Impacts of Real-Time Bus Information on Crowdedness
This research explores the effect of bus occupancy information on transit users’ choice of a bus by use of a binary logit model. The model predicts the probability of bus choice between the firstExpand
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Transportation Deficiencies for Older Adults in Seoul, South Korea
South Korea expects a nearly tenfold increase between 2000 and 2018 in its share of adults older than 65 years of age. This population is likely to experience deficiencies in its transportationExpand
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Hepatoprotective effect of pinoresinol on carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatic damage in mice.
  • H. Kim, J. Kim, +8 authors S. Lee
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of pharmacological sciences
  • 2010
Forsythiae Fructus is known to have diuretic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory activities. This study examined the hepatoprotective effects of pinoresinol, a lignan isolated from ForsythiaeExpand
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Mixed Logit Model Approach to Investigate Effects of Age on Driver Injury Severity in Single-Vehicle Accidents
This research develops a mixed logit model of driver-injury severity in single-vehicle accidents to investigate in particular the effect of driver age. Using data for single-vehicle crashes inExpand
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