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Urinary 8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine as a biomarker of oxidative DNA damage in workers exposed to fine particulates.
Residual oil fly ash (ROFA) is a chemically complex mixture of compounds, including metals that are potentially carcinogenic because of their ability to cause oxidative injury. In this study, weExpand
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Exposure to welding fumes is associated with acute systemic inflammatory responses
Aims: To investigate the acute systemic inflammatory response to welding fume exposure. Methods: Twenty four welders (42% smokers) and 13 non-exposed controls (23% smokers) were monitored at aExpand
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Pilomatricomas in children: imaging characteristics with pathologic correlation
BackgroundAlthough pilomatricoma commonly occurs in children, there is still a poor understanding of the imaging characteristics of pilomatricoma and lack of agreement regarding its imaging findingsExpand
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Intervertebral disk calcification of the spine in an elderly population: radiographic prevalence, location, and distribution and correlation with spinal degeneration.
PURPOSE To determine the prevalence, distribution, and location of intervertebral disk calcification (IDC) in the thoracic and lumbar spine and the association of IDC with radiographically evidentExpand
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Observer variability in the sonographic evaluation of thyroid nodules
Inter‐ and intraobserver variabilities in the description and diagnostic categorization of sonographic (US) features of thyroid nodules were evaluated.
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Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging for predicting the clinical outcome of comatose survivors after cardiac arrest: a cohort study
IntroductionThe aim of this study was to examine whether the patterns of diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) abnormalities and quantitative regional apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values canExpand
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Metabolic and Hormonal Disturbances in Women with Epilepsy on Antiepileptic Drug Monotherapy
Summary:  Purpose: Women with epilepsy (WWE) tend to have hormonal and metabolic abnormalities, raising concerns about an increased risk of cardiovascular disorders. This study was performed toExpand
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Potential Confounding of Particulate Matter on the Short-Term Association between Ozone and Mortality in Multisite Time-Series Studies
Background A critical question regarding the association between short-term exposure to ozone and mortality is the extent to which this relationship is confounded by ambient exposure to particles.Expand
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Lateral lymph node metastasis in papillary thyroid carcinoma: results of therapeutic lymph node dissection.
BACKGROUND Cervical lymph node metastases are quite common in papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) and they usually spread in a contiguous fashion. However, "skip metastasis," defined as lateral lymph nodeExpand
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Global Gene Expression Profiling in Whole-Blood Samples from Individuals Exposed to Metal Fumes
Accumulating evidence demonstrates that particulate air pollutants can cause both pulmonary and airway inflammation. However, few data show that particulates can induce systemic inflammatoryExpand
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