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Cure Kinetic Model, Heat of Reaction, and Glass Transition Temperature of AS4/3501-6 Graphite–Epoxy Prepregs
A new isothermally-based, cure kinetic model for the carbon graphite–epoxy AS4/3501-6 prepreg is presented using an industrially supplied prepreg rather than the neat epoxy resin. A two-stage modelExpand
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Electron beam welding of the dissimilar Zr-based bulk metallic glass and Ti metal
We successfully welded 3 mm thick Zr 41 Be 23 Ti 14 Cu 12 Ni 10 bulk metallic glass plate to Ti metal by electron beam welding with a beam irradiated 0.4 mm on the BMG side of the interface. ThereExpand
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An accident diagnosis algorithm using long short-term memory
This study proposes an algorithm for accident diagnosis using long short-term memory (LSTM), which is a kind of RNN, which improves the limitation for time reflection. Expand
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Dissimilar welding of Zr41Be23Ti14Cu12Ni10 bulk metallic glass and stainless steel
The electron beam welding of 2 mm thick Zr41Be23Ti14Cu12Ni10 bulk metallic glass (BMG) plate to stainless steel was investigated. The BMG was welded to specially designed stainless steel with anExpand
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Self-Interference Incoherent Digital Holography for Holographic Fluorescence Microscopy
We present recent progress in the development of self-interference incoherent digital holography for holographic fluorescence microscopy, including aberration compensation of fluorescent holographicExpand
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An approach to monitoring the thermomechanical behavior of a spindle bearing system using acoustic emission (AE) energy
Real time condition monitoring plays a key role in modern manufacturing processes. Critical processes, however, require systems capable of early detection and rapid adjustment of bearing conditionsExpand
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Transparent heaters based on solution-processed indium tin oxide nanoparticles
Abstract We demonstrate transparent heaters constructed on glass substrates using solution-processed indium tin oxide (ITO) nanoparticles (NPs) and their heating capability. The heat-generatingExpand
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Elemental Image Generation Method with the Correction of Mismatch Error by Sub-pixel Sampling between Lens and Pixel in Integral Imaging
We propose a subpixel scale elemental image generation method to correct the errors created by finite display pixel size in integral imaging. Expand
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A full-color anaglyph three-dimensional display system using active color filter glasses
This paper provides full-color 3D images by applying the time-multiplexing technique on the original anaglyph method. Expand
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Biocompatibility of a PDMS-coated micro-device: Bladder volume monitoring sensor
We evaluated the biocompatibility of a dimethylpolysiloxane-coated micro-device which had been designed for monitoring real-time bladder volume in previous studies. The extract assay withExpand
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