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Microscale heat transfer measurements during pool boiling of FC-72: effect of subcooling
Abstract Heat transfer under nucleating bubbles were directly measured using a microheater array with 100 μm resolution with low and high subcooled bulk liquid along with images from below and fromExpand
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The Human OCT-4 Isoforms Differ in Their Ability to Confer Self-renewal*
OCT-4 transcription factors play an important role in maintaining the pluripotent state of embryonic stem cells and may prevent expression of genes activated during differentiation. Human OCT-4Expand
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Defective apoptosis and B‐cell lymphomas in mice with p53 point mutation at Ser 23
Phosphorylation of the p53 tumor suppressor at Ser20 (murine Ser23) has been proposed to be critical for disrupting p53 interaction with its negative regulator, MDM2, and allowing p53 stabilization.Expand
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Molecular cloning and functional characterization of inhibitor-sensitive (mENT1) and inhibitor-resistant (mENT2) equilibrative nucleoside transporters from mouse brain.
Mammalian cells express at least two subtypes of equilibrative nucleoside transporters, i.e. ENT1 and ENT2, which can be distinguished functionally by their sensitivity and resistance respectively toExpand
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Pyruvate kinase isozyme type M2 (PKM2) interacts and cooperates with Oct-4 in regulating transcription.
The Oct-4 gene encodes a transcription factor that plays an important role in maintaining the pluripotent state of embryonic stem cells and may prevent expression of genes activated duringExpand
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Oct-4 controls cell-cycle progression of embryonic stem cells
Mouse and human ES (embryonic stem) cells display unusual proliferative properties and can produce pluripotent stem cells indefinitely. Both processes might be important for maintaining theExpand
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Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel family VIII alkaline esterase from a compost metagenomic library.
A metagenomic library was constructed from completely fermented compost using a fosmid vector. From a total of 23,400 clones, 19 esterase-positive clones were selected on LB plates containing 1%Expand
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The desmoplastic small round cell tumor t(11;22) translocation produces EWS/WT1 isoforms with differing oncogenic properties
Structural alterations of the Wilms' tumor locus (WT1) at 11p13 have been implicated in the etiology of two human cancers – Wilms' tumor (WT), a pediatric renal malignancy, and Desmoplastic SmallExpand
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Cortical Mechanisms Involved in the Processing of Verbs: An fMRI Study
In this study, we investigated two aspects of verb processing: first, whether verbs are processed differently from nouns; and second, how verbal morphology is processed. For this purpose, we usedExpand
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Scrambling effects on the processing of Japanese sentences: An fMRI study
Abstract The present study aims to confirm the cortical correlates of scrambling effects, a free word order phenomenon that has been observed in a variety of cross-linguistic investigations but whoseExpand
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