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Inflation Uncertainty, Output Growth Uncertainty and Macroeconomic Performance
We use a bivariate generalized autoregressive conditionally heteroskedastic (GARCH) model of inflation and output growth to examine the causality relationship among nominal uncertainty, realExpand
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Inflation and Output Growth Uncertainty and their Relationship with Inflation and Output Growth
Using a bivariate GARCH model of inflation and output growth we find evidence that higher inflation and more inflation uncertainty lead to lower output growth in the Japanese economy. These resultsExpand
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An enhanced impedance-based damage identification method using adaptive piezoelectric circuitry
The piezoelectric impedance-based method for damage detection is a promising approach in structural health monitoring by virtue of its potential to detect small-sized damages with a low-costExpand
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A re-examination of the asymmetric power ARCH model
The purpose of this paper is to provide a comprehensive methodology for the analysis of the Asymmetric Power ARCH model. First, it gives the ARMA representations of a power transformation of theExpand
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Moments of the Arma-Egarch Model
This paper considers the moment structure of the general ARMA--EGARCH model. In particular, we derive the autocorrelation function of any positive integer power of the squared errors. In addition, weExpand
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PKMiner: a database for exploring type II polyketide synthases
BackgroundBacterial aromatic polyketides are a pharmacologically important group of natural products synthesized by type II polyketide synthases (type II PKSs) in actinobacteria. Isolation of novelExpand
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Predicting non-stationary and stochastic activation of saddle-node bifurcation in non-smooth dynamical systems
Saddle-node bifurcation can cause dynamical systems undergo large and sudden transitions in their response, which is very sensitive to stochastic and non-stationary influences that are unavoidable inExpand
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Whole Genome Alignment with BLAST on Grid Environment
We can find genomic homologies, repetitive sequences and various types of genomic variations between two DNA sequences by performing whole genome alignment. Expand
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The Inflation-Output Variability Relationship in the G3: A Bivariate GARCH (BEKK) Approach
This paper employs bivariate GARCH models of inflation and output growth to investigate the relationship between nominal and real uncertainty in the G3. Our estimated models are used to generate theExpand
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Epitope location on tissue factor determines the anticoagulant potency of monoclonal anti-tissue factor antibodies.
Tissue factor (TF), the cellular cofactor for the serine protease factor VIIa (F.VIIa), triggers blood coagulation and is involved in the pathogenesis of various thrombosis-related disorders.Expand
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